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.... ooc name: Melorama
.... current characters: Clover
.... how you found us: I now live here :p
.... your character's initial fight stats: Rogue (Con -1, Dex +1, Str 0)
....a role play sample (200+ words):
It seemed her attempt to not scare the other wolf only partially worked, but at the very least he had not toppled over into the deep hole. She did not want to think about the consequences of that happening. He responded with a greeting of his own, before returning his attention back to the hole, and her gaze swiftly followed. It was apparent that neither of them knew how the hole had formed, and she found herself internally agreeing with him. Surely whatever had happened was not good, and she could only hope it would not happen again and form a new hole, one potentially closer to her home. It was enough of a hazard that she felt glad it was so far away from where her children were allowed to explore.

"Must've been something pretty intense." Clover peered over the edge, not daring to get her paws too close to where the ground dropped away for fear of mis-stepping or the ground crumbling away beneath her paws. After she had gazed at it for a short time, she eventually stepped back, putting enough distance between herself and the deep hole that she felt comfortable again. "I'm Clover," she said to the male with a smile, ears pricking forward to show that her attention was now on him.
and finally a bit about your character... Wrynn is a little lost and searching desperately for his family, or at the very least someone to look up to and follow. And also maybe to heal him when he falls ill <3