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RoW Reopening Yearbook!
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It's been almost a year, can you believe it?

Wow, it's been a crazy 11 months! In a whirlwind we got the site back up and running and let our wolves run free across Wildwood once more. It has been so good to see old and new names alike in these lands again. We are very excited to announce that coming up on one year of our reopening, we are bringing back the Wildwood Yearbook! We want to celebrate with all of you the relaunch of the site, and thank you all for standing with us and creating such meaningful and fun storylines with us, and to do that we are going to compile a yearbook and some fun activities to celebrate the reopening birthday of January 8th!

Yearbook Information

Please fill out the following forms! For privacy reasons, no information will be collected (email addresses, IPs, ect) other than the information you list on the form! Please submit these forms before December 28th to give us time to put the yearbook together!

In addition to the links below, pack leaders are asked to write a short summary about their pack and how its year has gone. We encourage you to post in your pack's common rooms and work together with your pack mates to put something together. When you've written your summary, you can submit it by PMing the Spirit of Wildwood account.

  1. Character Profiles Form (fill out once per character)
  2. Player Profile Form (please fill out only once)

Superlative Ideas

To put all of this together, we need your help! Please drop some superlative ideas for the wolves here in this announcement. Staff will select a handful and voting for them will take place later this month. Please have superlative ideas up by December 20th so we can have plenty of time for voting!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know!

Best Smile, Most likely to Lead, The Altruist/Most Altruistic/Most Generous, The Mentor/Best Mentor, The Protector/Most Protective, The Storyteller/Best Storyteller, Best Parent, Favorite Couple, Most likely to Get Together, Most likely to Lead the Charge, Star Litter/Most Active Litter/something to do with pups, Most Underrated/underdog something, Most Goodest Pup, Most Naughtiest Pup, Luckiest Pack, Unluckiest Pack, Likeliest Allies, Likeliest Enemies (pack or wolf)

will update as i think of more
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