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Concerning MOTM Voting
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Being eligible for MOTM voting

Hi everyone! It's your friendly neighborhood coder here. Due to some misguided code, only accounts where the master account is active in the game currently can be be voted for in MOTM voting. I am working to resolve this but the code is being temperamental about what I would like it to do.

Ultimately, not a huge problem, just if you want to be eligible for MOTM, you should make sure that your primary account in your linked lists is an active one. Otherwise, we won't be able to vote for you! I'll make another announcement or follow up here once this is resolved ^^ WOTM will not be effected by this coding bug.

Also, since I am actively working on code for the site, please make sure you are saving all of your posts off-site before you try to post them just in case I make a booboo in an update while you're trying to post and the site goes down! I always check after I update a script to make sure the site is up and running so it should only be down for a matter of seconds in the event of a crash.

Update;; I fixed it! Yay! Everything should be normal now
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