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Superlative Voting!
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Superlative Voting Time!

Hi everyone, thank you to Cade for the wonderful superlative suggestions for the yearbook. You can vote for them here! Please place your votes before January 5th, 2022 so we can get the yearbook out on time.

Our Categories

  1. Most Likely to Lead (Individual Superlative)
  2. The Protector (Individual Superlative)
  3. Best Parent (Individual Superlative)
  4. The Storyteller (Individual Superlative)
  5. Most Personal Growth (Individual Superlative)
  6. Most Chaotic (Individual Superlative)
  7. Strongest Couple (Pair Superlative)
  8. Most Likely to Get Together (Pair Superlative)
  9. Best Mentor and Student (Pair Superlative)
  10. Hard On Their Luck (Pack Superlative)