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Hello! Chan is a particularly well-traveled wolf, and he's formed several intimate bonds along the way. I thought it would be interesting to see an ex or two visit him in the Lore, especially when we all know what's coming up. If you're interested in a fresh character ready to for plotting, please consider taking a look at the trio below! Literally anything that is not clarified in this thread is up to you, from their history before Chan, to their side of the story, to looks, to what they've been up to since Chan last saw them - go wild!

[Image: Gr8IvYV.png]


The History: Chan's first brush with love. When he came across & subsequently joined up with Marissa's pack, Deep Mud Channel, at the tender age of a year and a half, they swiftly became inseparable. His feelings for the radiant, boisterous girl flourished and they spent hours planning a life together of adventuring all over and seeing everything there was to see.

The Breakup: As the two grew and societal pressures centering around the impending Spring built, they found themselves increasingly uncomfortable with one another and unable to communicate why. It ended in an argument, and Chan moved on from the pack soon after in March of 2019, leaving things between them unresolved.

The Extras: Marissa has a chip in her right ear and a scar over her left brow - they've been there since she was at least a year old. When Chan knew her, she was known for her knack at taking charge, turning the worst days around, and boundless energy. She does not have a small physique. She was born in 2017.

[Image: 2lFj40K.png]


The History: Bronson recruited Chan to help him and his brother form their own pack in November of 2019. Despite stark differences in their personalities and even some morals, they were strongly attracted to one another. No promises were made; in fact, emotions were rarely spoken of between the two. Still, everyone noticed when the once-promiscuous leader forsook his usual antics - for a time.

The Breakup: From Chan's point of view, the flame between them simply flickered out. Bronson's attention started to wander, and so did his own - distracted by itching paws once again and unwilling to work for Bronson's commitment. Chan left the pack in February of 2020 without ever acknowledging the break between them, much less attempting to talk it out and end things properly.

The Extras: Bronson's fur is often tousled-looking and his legs are very long.  He has a reputation for hedonistic behavior and utilizing unscrupulous means to get what he wants, as well as being exceptionally charming when desired. He is openly gay. He was born in either 2016 or 2017.

[Image: G0mLTRc.png]


The History: Chan met Colette in the North when he joined her pack. They became involved rather swiftly, and remained friends after. As time passed, the sting of the break up faded for Chan, and he still considers Colette his closest friend to this day. She is the only wolf who isn't family that he's promised to return to.

The Breakup: Chan and Colette were only together for a month from March of 2020 to April, when he was approached about helping a couple conceive. Chan adored the idea, which angered Colette in such a swift and fierce way that he ended their relationship over it.

The Extras: Colette may or may not be the wolf Chan believes she is. She is thickly built, but does not have a large physique. When they shared a pack, others were slow to comment about Colette and no one seemed to have known her for very long. She was born in either 2016, 2017 or 2018.

If you'd like to adopt any of the above characters, simply PM me telling me why you would like to play them and any thoughts or ideas about them you'd like to share. No RP sample is needed.

Please remember, taking on one of these characters does not guarantee an easy-in nor obligate your wolf to do anything; everything will be expected to play out organically in character, and remember - ex's are usually that for a reason.
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There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.
Bumping this~ still open!
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There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.