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I'll ride the wind — Drooping Willows 
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Avella Archer
Avella finished speaking on the lore. She didn't want to give all of its secrets away but enough to help guide the younger wolf. A smile did cross her face though at the offer. "I would certainly like that. I know you aren't looking to settle but I certainly wouldn't mind visits." She rather liked Leda and wouldn't mind talking to her more often if she were in the area.

It was due to that she decided to offer a home to the girl once she decided to settle down. Avella had no plans to force the issue since Leda wanted to explore. However she did want to make it clear that there would be a place for her should she make the decision to settle.

[B)"It pleases me to hear that,"[/b] she stated still smiling, "Please take your time it's not an easy decision to make and if you have questions I would be more than happy to answer them." If it helped Leda in deciding her future than she was happy to help.