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BWP Phase 2: I Could Really Use A Drink Right Now
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Phase 2 of the BWP is now active!

What does that mean you may ask? As the days continue to get longer, and the weather gets warmer, your characters will definitely notice the water is continuing to decline. Hydration drops now have a 1/18 chance of occurring so make sure you utilize them if you are lucky enough to receive one!

In addition to drops now being rarer, more large bodies of water have now completely dried up. The only locations with water still in them are Secluded Springs, Lost Lake, Bramble Falls, and Turtleback Lake, while they continue to hold their water for now, they are at less than half their normal spring time volume. Who is to say whether they continue to dry or are able to hold onto their reserves?

Other animals are beginning to take notice of the water, and many of the large herds seem to be migrating west, what could be out there that is drawing them in?


I'm sure many of you have noticed by now that the health bars are beginning to turn yellow, not a good sign! In general these are the rules of thumb:

A Green health bar means your wolf is well hydrated, they may be thirsty from time to time, but they are in generally in good health.

A Yellow health bar means your wolf is considered in the initial stages of dehydration, they may be suffering from headaches, fatigue, dizziness/lightheadedness with exertion, dry mouth, or mood swings.

A Red health bar means your wolf is now considered critically dehydrated, you had better get them some water fast! In addition to the above symptoms, characters with severe dehydration may experience confusion, weakness, dry cough, high heart rate, loss of appetite, or muscle cramps.

If you character reaches below 10% health, they are at increased risk for severe and possibly permanent kidney, heart, or brain damage. You may suffer from pain, racing heart and painful heart palpitations, seizures, delirium, and this could all be potentially fatal.