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Fool's Gold Chasm
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Character Name: Geminia Lupine
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? 2 weeks
Post Prompt Response
It had become a matter of survival. Water was quickly disappearing and there were safety in numbers. She had nothing against pack life, she just found herself to be a bit of a wandering soul. Still, packs needed scouts, right? To find herds and in this case to find and transport water for those who could not travel themselves… right? She arrived at the borders, the gift of a small shell filled with water from the lake to the north that had been very carefully transported as to not spill over one end or another.

It wasn’t much, but she had to hope that it was something… that it was enough. She carefully placed it at her paws, calling for the alphas as she waited patiently. She bowed her head in respect to those who arrived and offered a greeting. “My name is Gem. I am looking for a home… I’ve been on my own for a long time.” She started before continuing. “I’m a scout by trade. I enjoy seeking new territories and following herds… I hope my skills could be of use to you all.”
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