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Health Bar Bug, Character Bug, and Reporting
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State of the Coding

Hi everyone! I'm just giving some updates to the site from a staff and coding perspective so everyone is aware of what is going on and how it might impact gameplay. Some updates to myBB forum software as a whole has introduced some weird quirks to our site over the past month or so that can only be fixed in the code on the back end, and this announcement is to address it.

Health Bar

The health bar, aka hydration bar, bug that automatically set a character's hydration meter to 90 whenever they tried to update it has been fixed, meaning users should be able to update their own bars from this point forward. If you notice any further issues with updating your character's health bar please ping me in discord or send me a PM on Vayko so I can further inspect.

Character Acceptance

We've run into an interesting bug because of some updates to myBB affecting the character acceptance script tool. As a result, we've had to temporarily change our character acceptance process from the staff-end until I had the time to fix it (progress on it was been slow coming due to preparations for my sister's wedding). However, as of today this bug is also fixed so expect character acceptance to return to normal!

Bug Reporting

Please never hesitate to reach out if you notice a bug! That's how they are diagnosed and fixed. You reach out to me directly via discord or Vayko or just post here for any further bug reports!

Happy Writing!


Thank you again for all your hard work Tasha!!
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Thanks for fixing that health bar thing. Was driving me MAD! lol
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