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.... ooc name: Sunshine
.... current characters: Kaeruka
.... how you found us: Floating here and there
.... your character's initial fight stats: already set
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Another quiet night alone was to be had for Sunder as heavy paws continued their lackadaisical pace within this new foreign terrain, pale green eyes locking their gaze on the distant mountain peak that had long since devoured the setting sun before sweeping along the winding river purposefully kept tucked along his right side to serve as a guide. Winter was finally receding and with it came the hustle and bustle of creatures stirring with their newfound spring itch aching to be scratched. What a gentleman he'd be helping some poor damsel in distress relieve such a bothersome itch. That thought alone had the agouti male snorting in amusement as inky lips momentarily curled into a smirk.

Sunder may be devilishly handsome; if he'd oh so graciously say so himself, but a gentleman was definitely not in his description.

Following the riverbed for another quarter mile or so, a noticeable level of exhaustion began to seep into the young male's muscles who had been traveling for what felt like days. "Seems as good a place as any." A deep and rugged voice rumbled forth to slice the silence of the night while a heavy frame collapsed unceremoniously beneath the nearest tree. Spooked, a perched owl voiced its opinion by releasing a series of obnoxious screeches that earned a low snarl from Sunder. "Shut up would ya, ya noisy ball of feathers! I'm trying to rest here."

and finally a bit about your character... Unfinished business brings him back and forth