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It's a wide, wide world — Willow Ridge 
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Willow Ridge Pup Pup
Daegal Archer

Their game of leaf jumping was quickly devolving, with Izzy writhing around as Dae buried him, and then pushing back to his feet and twisting away with his own yapping. Daegal giggled and ducked away, only to face his brother again as he once again bowed. The pale boy was laughing, bouncing backwards and barking each time, daring his brother to attack. Daegal rose up on his back paws, front legs batting towards his darker sibling. A tiny play-growl punctuated his giggles.

Today was such a good day! He was so glad he decided to wander off and that Izzy followed him.

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Willow Ridge Pup Pup
Iseldir Archer
Dae dared him on, and Izzy happily faced off with him, yapping gleefully as he sprang up on his own hindlegs. His front limbs splayed out forwards as a peal of laughter escaped him. A swirl of leaves surrounded the boys as they collided in play.

Their paws batted at one another for a moment before Izzy fell back, rolling aside and tearing off at a run. Leaves and dust kicked up behind him as he made a wide circle, his legs stretching. Uncoordinated as the two sparring pups were, the match was as fair as it was fun.

Izzy glanced over his shoulder, rounding on Dae with a grin. He wished their game would never end.