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Sing for Rain!
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Sing for Rain!
As water supplies dwindle across the Lore and the drought shows no signs of lifting, resident bard Isomne will be starting a rain song! Its her hope that the song will echo around the Lore being carried by as many voices as possible until the Spirit of Wildwood hears and, just perhaps, brings rain at last.

How it works:
The idea is kind of like the "Twilight Bark" from 101 Dalmatians. Isomne will start the song at Fools Gold Chasm, then someone in an adjacent area of the map can start their own thread having heard the song in the distance, and from there it can travel on to someone else, hopping around the Lore with each singer. Of course it is realistic to hear the song only from a nearby area on the map, but your character could also be struck by the muses even if they are too far to realistically hear anyone else.

Join the chorus:
I would love to see others participate in this by creating their own threads! Isomne will be starting the rain-song chain on June 20 /21 st (summer solstice). Please wait until that thread is up to create your own. Once the game begins, simply create your thread that day or any day until the end of the board-wide drought plot, whenever that might be!

I'd also really appreciate if you could link to your threads here once created, so that others can join or use it as a link in the chain to create their own thread, and so that I can have the fun of reading them all! Your thread can include other participants, but solo threads are fine too. It doesn't have to reach ten posts to count for this game, in fact even a one-off post is fine!

It will work like a pseudo-RE, where you can respond to one of the following prompts:

  • You hear what sounds like a faint voice calling far in the distance. You can't be sure but they sound forlorn, like they're singing for rain.
  • Maybe its just your thirst getting to your head, but you could almost hear a voice, singing for rain. Well, its not the worst idea ever, couldn't hurt to give it a try yourself.
  • The muses move you to sing for an end to the drought. You can only hope someone or something hears your cry.

Last but not least:
This is NOT an official RE! Its just a game I thought would be fun and fitting, both for my wannabe bard and for the board wide plot.
While one-off posts are fine for this game they will be otherwise subject to all the normal rules for collecting LP, etc.

I'll whip up some participation badges along the lines of "I Sang for Rain #ineedadrink #bwp2022" and share them soon <3

Feel free to chime in with any questions, thoughts, or just to say you might like to participate. I'm hoping to get at least a few others to join Isomne in her quest!
Vale of Secrets
- Save it for a rainy day - AW w/ Isomne, Augustin

Snowmarch Expanse
Northern Eden
The Heart
Southern Eden
Serpent's Pass
- Summer Solstice - AW w/ Stella

If you'd like another color option just lmk!

[Image: rainsong1.png][Image: rainsong2.png][Image: rainsong3.png]
I definitely plan to throw Cambria at this when it happens! She would love the thought of a rain song.
This is so cute omg ;A;
First thread is up, let the game begin! Let me know if you make a thread so I can add it! <3