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go make your move girl — Lost Lake 
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Kajika Tallis
Stella led the way to the lake so that Cambria could get a drink. It was the most logical thing to do since having her thirst quenched would lead to a more productive conversation. Kajika was curious of the girl and what could have gone wrong with her pack. The dark man followed the two yearlings down to the waters edge and waited for their visitor to get her drink.

Settling down on his haunches he was waited until he had the girls attention before speaking. "Where are you and your family from?" He asked curiously. Though she'd spoken of her pack falling apart he didn't think that mattered much now. What did was her desire to find her family and her plans.

"You did mention that you didn't have an idea of where to start looking for your family. What are your plans exactly?" Kajika felt the girl shouldn't be on her own in such a drought but of course that wasn't his decision to make. Having been an advisor before and a leader he knew that he would need some information to take to Oksana and Aleister.
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