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.... ooc name: Pinn
.... current characters: Vanadis & Asmund
.... how you found us: I haunt these halls.
.... your character's initial fight stats: Sharpshooter (+1 to str)
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Vanadis spent a good portion of her time since 'joining' this little band exploring the lands nearby, getting to know the places that might one day be good for harvesting moss and plants, or for fishing out groundhogs and rabbits come spring. Unfortunately, there was little else to do this time of year but wait. It wasn't the most mentally stimulating objective, but it filled her days, and kept her paws busy. Thus, when she came upon a freshly laid trail that belonged to one of the female members of the group, she felt inclined to follow.

The woman seemed to have had quite a head start, and possibly even more so once the winds began to pick up. Blinking the snow out of her eyes, Vanadis was eventually forced to hunker down, shaking off a new blanket of snow every few minutes in hopes that she wouldn't be buried. When the fear of drowning in snow, or allowing Clover to meet that fate became too great, the yearling was forced to move. One paw in front of the other, and with absolutely no idea what direction she was heading in anymore, she called out, "Hey! Can you hear me?"

and finally a bit about your character... A smol, very bossy girl.