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Averno — Firefly Weir 
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The sun was sinking behind a wall of thick clouds, creeping toward the horizon. The shade of the foliage and cloud cover had given the black wolf some respite from the heat of summer. It would only be getting hotter, their ears almost wilted at the thought.

Bits of rabbit blood had dried to their chin and mandible, where their tongue couldn’t reach. The scruffiness of a loner was becoming the norm for them.

A new, unmarked path had appeared on their seemingly endless trek: the scent of water had guided them eastward. Xylo slithered between the trees, making their way through the forest. Birdsong echoed amongst the leaves, making their ears twitch.

After what felt like hours, the cove finally came into view. The sight was enough to make their tail flick upward from their hocks and pick up their pace. As they drew nearer, they saw that the cove was only a nestled appendage of a larger lagoon stretching southward.

Upon reaching the edge of the cove, Xylo dropped their head to the water and began to eagerly quench their thirst.
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Despite the ongoing drought, the Ridge was standing strong as it always had. While certain faces had come and gone, the children were growing like weeds and Avella remained firmly at the helm. Small gifts of fate seemed to be seeing them through, like patches of rain and finite water hole Hagar had located, and as time went on and emergency did not strike Scully grew confident once again.

He left the Cove to seek signs of water, and found himself curious to know if Modesto had returned or if her departure from the lagoon had been permanent. As he approached the retreated shores, he was happy to see that the body held a few inches of liquid. It had rained then, a good sign. Stepping up to take a drink, he glanced along the banks and caught sight of another's travel-worn frame. Curiosity beat out thirst, and Scully lifted his head to sniff at the air rather than lap at the water.

They smelled new. His lips turned upward in a crooked grin, and he barked to get their attention.