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Under a midnight sky — Hush Meadow 
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Anyone in the area is welcome! Updating health bar from drinking water

Time had seemed to slip away from Ruka on her latest hunting trip as she traversed along the outer edges of the meadow that merged with the beginnings of the lagoon, the setting sun cloaking the grassy meadow in hues of orange and pinks the lower it sank behind the horizon. Pear green eyes surveyed the outlying treeline for a moment before dipping her head down to gently place the duo of squirrels grasped within her jaws onto the ground, taking this impromptu break to lap at a puddle of water yet to dry up. The cool liquid was pleasant as it slid down her parched throat, ever grateful for the soothing water that seemed more readily available to the wolves of the Ridge these days since the solid three days of rain had come to an end.

Alas, how long would this access to water last before the heat caused it to dissipate once more?

Ruka shook the thought from her head before reclaiming her twin trophies, creamy paws once more making a hasty trot for the willows in hopes of making it home before the navy blue blanket fully enclosed the sky above. Not that the tawny woman would have minded, but there were new mouths to feed and caches to fill.
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