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Adora Macieo
Adora had honestly expected things to end there, but it seemed her brothers were feeling extra rebellious tonight. Father began to count and she lifted a brow expectantly at them, wondering what number he'd let them get to. She didn't want to see what might happen if they failed to comply at all. The girl liked being right, not watching her siblings be punished.

Deux left Papa's lips and, spying Tole's hesitance, felt compelled to intercede once again. She moved forward to begin pushing and nudging at him and Augustin both, trying to corral them before they heard trois. Even Auggie wouldn't be that stubborn, right?

"Jus' go."
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Augustin Gerau
Auggie wasn't going to give up so easily. At least that had been his plan until Père started counting. un..., still Auggie remained resolved in his mission. Then Père got to deux Auggie frowned. He knew things were about to get serious if they didn't obey and do what was expected of him.

To make things more clear his meddlesome soeur started to nudge and push hom and their frère. He knew he needed to do as he was told but Auggie still wasn't ready to do that. However fearing what might happen if he didn't his resolve broke and he allowed Adora to guide him into the den where he was supposed to already be. Though he went he didn't go without a very loud huff of irritation.

père = father
Soeur = sister
Frère = brother