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this isn't a joke — Drowned Wood 
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Dead Empress Backwater VII. Yearling
Oleander Valle
July 14th; Late afternoon; Partly cloudy; 72° F, 22° C.

The three days of the downpour the Lore received had been a welcome respite. Everywhere things had become lush and green, familiar and vibrant as summer should be.

Oleander was almost out of bounds. Almost. He had followed the swollen Creek as far as he had originally wanted, then tore away towards the Marsh. Beneath his feet, the ground was cool and refreshing. Every step almost begged him to take one more. Then another and another. Though, as he reached the Drowned Wood, he was greeted by a rather sorry sight.

The usually submerged trunks bared their watermarks like midriff tattoos. The drowned roots were merely damp in places where there were puddles.

Since the poison-plant incident, Oleander had kept solely to himself. Brooding and bored with seemingly everything.

The youth's pale eyes stared at the old brittle tree husks. He wasn't sure what he was expecting but, while he was here... He craned his snow-furred head down to drink his fill...
they say pray it away, i swear,
that I'll never be a saint, no way