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How bizarre — Fool's Gold Chasm 
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Augustin Gerau
The tawny pup toddled his way out of the den. He didn't think his mother would mind too much if he went out to get some fresh air. At least that was how it started for the boy. Once he'd gotten outside he went a little further from the den. When there wasn't anyone to stop him he just kept going. He wasn't really the adventurous type at least not yet. Nor was he the type to really push his boundaries but if no one was there to stop him he didn't see why he had to stay at the den.

Auggie kept toddling along through the underbrush of the Chasm. He wasn't sure what he was looking for if anything at all. The sights and smells around him were much better than the darkness of the den. He was still small enough that going under bushes wasn't a problem which was exactly what he did. When he saw a reddish brown animal with a green head eating off the ground, well this was an interesting find for the young pup. The question in his mind though was what to do with it.