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The Hangman's Coming — Pookastone Scowle 
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All welcome, but expect an angry mama to appear!
Development: 8 weeks -  Estimated human age: 5 years old.
Random Event: Crows are swarming the forests of Relic Lore! What could these ominous creatures want?

Tiny growls that rumbled from a growing boy's chest echoed quietly along the north-western banks of the lagoon which normally remained rather peaceful. Clutched firmly between his paws lay a sunbleached bone that remained the only remnants of a meal made long ago, now serving a new purpose as the boy's chew toy. Along its pale surface, various tiny scores allowed one to see the progress he had made thus far. Now that Tooth and himself had grown a little bigger, Mother had allowed them to venture further away from the den and Claw was definitely not shying away from this newfound independence given to them. There was only so much of the stuffy den and constant tussling with his sister the young brute could take. His growing limbs needed to explore.

Content to inflict as much damage as his teeth could upon the bone; something that actually felt good on his gums, Claw had yet to notice the gradual influx of crows hanging out above in the canopy of the looming cedarwoods. It wasn't until one decided to land near him and make a hop closer with its head turned to study the pup with a beady black eye did the boy stop and make a snap at the black-feathered bird, barking to shoo the thing away. "Mine." Claw growled, baring tiny milk teeth and asserting the aggression he had already begun to pick up from watching his mother. None of this deterred the crow though, earning the boy an obnoxious caw back in his face and the presence of two more crows landing on the ground behind the first.