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.... ooc name: Tasha
.... current characters: Seri, Adonya, Aquene, Camden, Geminia
.... how you found us: I live here, in the deep bowels of coding land
.... your character's initial fight stats: Sharpshooter
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Seri did not begin to dig into his meal until his friend had selected his fill and began to dig into his own, despite how his stomach grumbled. The rabbit would edge away his hunger, which he found himself thankful for, but even eating sometimes felt like a chore in the grand scheme of things. Seri was blind to the irritation that came whenever Seri brought up speaking to Viorel about things. Social conventions were new to him, and it seemed like it had been a standard since before they were even born. He hadn’t understood it at first, but Sharlee had explained it quite well to him.

He asked for him to come with him and Seri finished the bite he had been working on before responding. “Of course! I was kind of hoping you would ask, especially with Winter so close.” Seri did not like being alone, not since his mother disappeared.

“Mud brothers, to the west… do you think Archer might want to come too? It can be a mud brother outing!” The idea brought the first prick of genuine excitement that he had experienced since he had received the news to begin with.

and finally a bit about your character... A lost child, trying to find her way, she is bold and ambitious and not afraid to speak her mind.