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.... ooc name: Molo

.... current characters: Jethro, Colette
.... how you found us: can't remember
.... your character's initial fight stats: set
....a role play sample (200+ words): For a time, he had decided to turn and venture east, in a bid to further explore the lands around him, and quickly, the forest had transformed into something desolate and arid. The reddened hills were expansive, unlike anything the former hunter had ever seen before, and there had been a lot of that as of lately. He had been operating a minuscule hope that he might come across some sign that would point him towards his homeland, but so far, Alarick had no such luck. As had become standard, he did not anticipate he would locate anything. He’d come to accept that he’d never see his family again, but stubbornness and will drove him on.

A most welcome sound echoed to his ears just then; the unmistakable tune of cascading water. Despite his thirst and exhaustion, Alarick set forth with greater speed, trotting and quickly climbing the rest of the way upwards. Upon reaching a plateau of sorts, he was treated to a most wonderful sight - a veritable oasis tucked into the hillside. Surely enough, water flowed in from some unknown source, working its way down through a set of several miniature waterfalls and pools, before finally collecting in a beautiful blue pool in the center of the area.

Bathed in shades of pink and red from the setting sun, it was quite a sight to behold. Even more so when he looked back over the path he’d traversed to get here. Alarick wondered how many others had been here before him, or recently. The signs and scents did not seem to indicate very many, which made the experience feel almost.. surreal. As beautiful as it was, residing here would surely have made for a dreary, lonesome experience. But it would be fine for the evening.

and finally a bit about your character.... Just hoping to finish up his threads.