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.... ooc name: Raven
.... current characters: None
.... how you found us: Affiliates
.... your character's initial fight stats: Rogue
....a role play sample (200+ words):

There was something innately unsettling about Stormcloud Moor.

The moorland seemed to stretch on as far as the eye could see; an endless sea of grasses and low growing shrubs sprouted up in uneven tufts and clumps, the colours varying between shades of green, brown, and beige depending on their stage of decay. The hardier plants able to thrive in the dense and infertile soil provided some depth to the otherwise flat, featureless landscape, whilst the thick white fog which rolled down from the mountains simultaneously sought to strip every feature away.

As the cloud cover thickened and visibility worsened, the lone wolf travelling south through the moor found himself reliant on his other senses to help navigate the rugged terrain. The thick air smelt damp, as if rain had recently passed through the northern realm, though the ground remained dry and firm beneath his paws suggesting that the rainfall had collected further down the sloping moorland.

Tempted by the prospect of fresh water nearby and not wanting to through away the opportunity to quench his thirst, the large male deviated from his previous path slightly to continue downhill. The gentle pull of gravity guided him onward through the shroud of thick fog until finally small pockets of rainwater began to form amongst the tufts of dying grass and the serpentine hiss of a hidden stream reached his listening ears.

and finally a bit about your character: A nomad prince with plans to settle.