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cade's cutting back
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so obviously i have bitten off WAY more than i can chew and unfortunately it's time for me to stop ignoring that and do something about it.

SCULLY has disappeared as of 11/15 without a word to anyone. I will finish up his threads before deactivating him, but I just have never clicked with him as well as I'd like to, rip. @Avella
LEVITICUS went out to find needed medicinal plants on 11/15 and will have disappeared as well. His story has basically just been 'depression' for way too long now and I'm just not as attached as I am to other characters of mine. @Adelard @Wrynn

CHAN will be leaving the Lore once @Moonshadow passes away, and will have very limited activity until then. @Nash @Oksana
WALRUS is only around for @Claw- if he gets to the point where he doesn't need her anymore, she'll wander off. Limited activity.
ADORA will be UP FOR ADOPTION, and have very limited activity until then. If she is not adopted within a few months, I will find a way for her to go live with Macieo relatives. @Adelard @Apolline @Armand @Augustin @Adonya

EROS will hopefully be going to visit his sisters living with Clover's family for a few months, looking for permission from @Viorel and can be joined by anyone if wanted. He'll definitely be back! @Archer @Seri @Clover
HAGAR's injury from the bear fight is not healing properly, and he can no longer walk with the affected limb meaning he will have very limited activity. @Avella @Nineve @Iseldir @Daegal

ASMUND, MAGG, RYDER and SOVANYA I still can't let go of. :c I'm going to try and focus on them & WOYA more.
Ahhhhh, 2 WR members doen for thr count! Ra & Eve will be most upset, ofc, but I understand! I always feel the same between my 3 sites. Lol So long as WR is alive and kicking (or the Archers at least in another pack) Ra and Eve will be here!
Seri will be joining his mud brother in his adventures <3
<33 hagar will at least get back up!! i think. like 89% sure.

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