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Apolline Macieo
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Name: PuppyThief

Current Characters: Flair, Vasco & Leo
how you found us: Resident great dane
physique life points: Already set

Role Play Sample:
 “ ‘dora slow down!” the tawny spawn called after her sister, struggling to run on clunky puppy-pumpkins over slippery rock;“Papa said wait!” She was excited too, eager to get even a small glimpse of the world outside the protecting walls of the chasm. But there was a right way to do things, for one they didn’t know the way, and if the girls got lost, or hurt, they’d spoil the whole venture.“I ain’t helpin’ if you fallin break your neck!” She called at the pail broom up ahead.

Navigating the rocky chasm at puppy-height was no easy feat. The walls were tall and imposing, and the ground slippery under pumpkins that had yet to build up touch skin. The tawny girl Paused, glancing back over her shoulder for a glimpse of her father and brothers trailing behind. She’d much prefer to wait and follow along as they’d been told to do! But the other group were almost out of sight, and so was her sister as she turned back around. Gritting her teeth, Apolline sped after the other girl, intend on stopping her, both so the boys could catch up, and, more urgently, to make sure Adora did not beat her to the edge of their known world – she could not let her sister be first to anything, or she’d never live it down.

A bit about your character:
Second daughter of Adelard and Woya, desperately trying to keep all her siblings under control!