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February Festivities
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February Festivities

If you're sad that yearbook activities have wound down, fear not! Staff have cooked up a few fun things to keep everyone busy throughout February until the craziness of March begins. Read on if you are interested! Also, we promise that the official announcement regarding March breeding season will be out before the end of February.

Blind Dates!

This year will be the return of the blind dates, with a few changes. This year we are sorting characters into two categories "Young" for pups and yearlings and "Mature" for anyone 2+, though the threads don't need to be romantic we thought this was more appropriate.

Those interested in the blind dates can sign up HERE before February 2nd, and pairings will be announced February 3rd. All the blind date threads that are started in February are eligible for RE LP.

Valentines Day Cards

This year we are also doing Valentines Day Cards! Every member can send one official valentines to any other player on the site. These will be sent anonymously, and valentines will be created by Becca, so a huge thank you to her for volunteering to do this for us! You can send your request for card creation by PM to Spirit of Wildwood and they will be sent on valentines day, so get your requests in early. When sending in your request please state who you would like to send your valentine to, and a message to include to the other player.

Skin Contest

And last but not least (we told you we wanted to keep you busy right?) for the month of February we will be running a skin contest. Whichever two characters thread together in February (threads need to be started on or after of February 1st and finished on or before February 28th) will be featured in a sitewide skin made by Cade. The thread to keep track of your eligible completed threads can be found HERE! Happy threading!