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.... ooc name:Switch
.... current characters:Torrent
.... how you found us: World Wide Web
.... your character's initial fight stats: Glass Canon I believe.
....a role play sample (200+ words):She counted herself lucky that at least she wasn't alone in this. He had been right behind her, all too aware of the situation. Quickly adding his own voice of displeasure as he stepped closer. Almost in challenge like he'd done this before. The reason for some scars? Once they got out of this she might just have to ask.

Gold eyes danced from one to the other, as a growl built in her throat. It wasn't exactly a fair fight, and they knew it too. She'd like to think if they started scrapping she'd eventually get back to the Ridge. Get a good ass chewing for it..or something.

No, any attention she gained wouldn't be worth it. Not like this, as if she was a desperate child. She'd be pretty see through, and it wouldn't do anyone a lick of good. Now the only problem was what should they actually do? The Ridge was too far... but there was another pack. He knew it to. How clever. She gave a nod of her head in understanding. Her eyes flickering to him, in warning, in a are you ready? Despite wanting to hold onto one more second, she leaped, driving her legs onward. Attempting to ram into the tail end of a coyote, all while keeping herself moving forward while others attempted to snap at her darting figure. She felt the hot breath of one near her rump, another bumped into her shoulder. It was the horrible sounds that came out of their mouths that drove her to run even faster.

and finally a bit about your character.... Torrent is a young wolf, who has set out on her own in hopes of having a more adventurous life than promised with her mother.