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Elegeia: 18+ Fantasy Wolf RP
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Fantasy wolf roleplay
Elegeia is a new land of magic, mutations, and member-driven mayhem! We are 18+ with a 3-1-3 rating, currently moving towards the end of Beta testing and into v1.0 release. We take a DnD-style "gamemaster" approach to our staffing, encouraging creative freedom as much as possible, and member-led decision making.

  • Freeform magic - pick two from the 8 available elements!
  • Full range of mutations available from signup
  • No minimum post length! Dip in and out when your busy schedule allows!
  • Member-created packs and religions with real in-game influence
  • Earn points simply by posting - no manual tracking!
  • TTRPG-style hunting and sparring systems which use stats gained through roleplay
  • PVP appetite indicators to tailor your experience
  • Stunning fantasy lands & a world shaped by your character
  • Integrated with our active Discord: https://discord.gg/6Yzqm7YJ8R
  • Mobile-friendly skin with light and dark options and table saver plugin!