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Chan Eastfall
Her fur was still so damp even the wind didn't move it. She would freeze like this out here, and he began to think of what came next with that thought. This could not be the way she was brought back home to her family.

Leo and Nash answered the young girl's call swiftly, the yearling stuttering out questions while Chan's brother lurched into his space to prod and jar the pup's corpse. Thoughts of why didn't cross the shell-shocked wolf's mind. All he felt was a strong urge to snap his jaws in both surprise and warning, to stand defensively over what was left of Sephrina as if she'd been his loss. Chan refrained from both, waiting silently for him to move instead, eyes never leaving the drowned whelp.

He wanted to reposition her body before it couldn't be done, to smooth the horror from her face, to return as much of her as he could before Viorel and Vanadis saw...

His ears twitched as Kajika was named, irritation throbbing dully in his chest but nowhere near strong enough to punch through the trauma of what just happened. He no longer trusted the other man, who was to say he was even around to do what they needed? Whatever.

Chan brushed a paw over Sephrina's temple tenderly, silent and still prone.
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Auburn Tanga-Eastfall
Auburn was already moving as quickly as he could toward Stella's call when Nash's lifted too, even more urgent and demanding. Fear filled every empty space in his chest, mind running wild with possibilities. When at last he arrived, the situation become more and more clear the closer he came. He slowed when he realized that the dark body on the ground had to be dead. At least his father was moving, but that... that was one of the children, wasn't it?

Grief promptly flooded him, and he had no words for it nor the other wolves around. This wasn't the kind of thing verse could touch. Realizing Chan was soaked, he moved to settle in against his opposite side and began to groom the water from his back. He felt his father tense briefly before relaxing and accepting the help at staying warm.

This was all Auburn really felt he could do in the moment, waiting to be told otherwise.
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Woya Macieo
Woya's heart threatened to shatter her ribs with its hammering, unable but to feel certain something had happened to one of her children. What else could pull such howls from a wolf's chest? When she hit the scene sprinting, snow spraying in her wake, the details rapidly came into focus and all at once she realized the victim, whoever it was, had dark fur. It wasn't the girls or Auggie. She couldn't help but slow, legs trembling and threatening to give out from the burst of adrenaline and subsequent rush of relief. Her tongue lolled and panted, breathless as she loped the remaining distance.

Was it Galen? She struggled to properly identify the child through the other bodies, and did not come any closer than was necessary. Woya didn't have any kind of experience that would help with this, and so she could only wait for instruction. If it wasn't given soon, she would depart again and round up her own trio. Her brown eyes looked around, she smelled blood, and she smelled... bear?

Muscles tensing again, her gaze snapped onto Nash. What was the plan?
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Leo Vuesain

He’d barely asked the question before Nash arrived, drawing the yearling’s wide, sorrowful eyes. A brief spark flared in his still young heart – like a pup seeing their parent and feeling sure they could solve even the worst problem and make it all okay – but logic crushed it instantly, knocking the wind from Leo’s lungs once more. The leader rushed to join them, confirming the identity of the body with his desperate shout. There was no begrudging his attempt, but it was clear that all was too late, Sephrina was dead.

But, though Nash wasn’t able to bring the poor pup back from the dead, he could do the thing that Leo would always admire him for – be a leader. Clear instructions were given, and the yearling immediately stood to attention, ready to obey any order. For now, the focus was the rest of the pups, which the older brother and guardian in training could only agree with. He Wanted to go with Stella and help make sure they were all safe, but that was not for him to decide – Nash clearly had other use for the rest of them.

So he remained, only sharing a quick look with his sister, nodding his understanding. He trusted her fully, and with the help of Moon and Kajika, she could protect the little ones. As she left, he reached out briefly to brush her shoulder, a silent gesture of love and luck, then his attention was back on Nash, fully focused and ready for whatever command might come.

Thoughts ”Speech”

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Chan Eastfall
Whatever they all decided to do, it would be little more than white noise around Chan, Auburn, and the dead child. His son's comfort was appreciated, but it still barely touched the ice that crept from Sephrina's corpse into the older wolf's heart. When she almost looked to be sleeping, he stopped his fussing and laid his head down atop her thin shoulders, as though she still needed warmth. It would be a long time before he would be able to bring himself to move.

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