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.... ooc name: Molo
.... current characters: Artyom, Jadon, Jethro, Colette, Pan
.... how you found us: some random advert
.... your character's initial fight stats: Ghost please
....a role play sample (200+ words):

He did not typically wander very far beyond the borders of the cove, anymore. Although there was one noteworthy friend in his life that’d gone missing, the pack felt more like home than anything ever had before. Jet liked it, and found he genuinely valued the well-being of everyone in the Cove. But there were other thoughts in mind, too. Things that had started months ago, that for a long while he’d believed unattainable.

Now, though, that was no longer so. In recent months, many things he’d thought he had known, had been proven untrue. He’d made many discoveries, and continued to, with each day that passed. And after a while, it felt like he needed space to think.

So his paws had once more carried him down the mountains, and back down into the forests that awaited there. This time, though, he’d gone south. Into a forest of willows that looked stunningly beautiful this time of year. And even more intriguing, an elevated ridge to view it all from, which the dark one had made his way to the top of.  He had also noted a system of caves and tunnels. A place like this seemed like it would be perfect for a pack, yet was hauntingly silent.

As he stood tall to observe it, Jethro recalled the leaders from the other pack he and Chan had met. They had been the same age as him. And if they could do it, maybe he could too? The dark one could not deny that an inkling of a desire was there, something that'd been planted within him.

Maybe someday.

and finally a bit about your character... A girl just trying to find her way.