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Pitch Pine Trail Pack Thread
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Lachesis "XIX" Stark
lachie's exit post! :D
He nodded in response to the coffee-coloured male explanation of where his friend’s pack was located while storing away the information for future use. XIX was thrilled at meeting another who shared the same medicinal interest that he had – and was also equally excited to venture outside the Fen for a few days. While he wished that he could take Ana with him, he knew that she had responsibilities to adhere to while Shade was gone. <b style="font-family:georgia; font-size:12px;">“I sh-shouldn’t be gone too long – hopefully I can return before you’re b-back, but do not be alarmed if I’m not.” As much as he wanted to make the journey a quick one it was impossible to tell what he would run into while he was gone. Perhaps Shade’s friend might need more than a single meeting to explain her knowledge of plants – and there was the possibility that the healer could always get lost while he was gone.
<b style="font-family:georgia; font-size:12px;">“I wish you safe travels, Shade. Thank you again,” the boy responded as he bowed his head, a faint smile visible against his pale maw. XIX knew that he would have to tell both Anastasia and Karpos that he would be absent for a few days. How would the inky pup react when Uncle Lach told him that he’d be taking him on an adventure once he returned? He was ecstatic that the dark Alpha had given him permission to take his son outside pack territory – it was not as far as he had originally wanted, but he knew that Karp wouldn’t mind. Once he was a little older (and bigger) XIX would be able to take his ‘nephew’ up the Heights to go star-catching.
After watching the leader depart, the teenager bounded off in search of his blue-eyed companion. While excitement bubbled within his chest, something did not feel right… a peculiar feeling had settled in the pit of his stomach, leaving Lachesis rather confused.
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This looked so lonely <3
Death does not scare me,
Silver Shadow
A life without them scares me...

Silver had been rather busy lately. The amount of wolves in the Lore was increasing which meant more competition. All she could do was pace and think. The pack had been doing well. They kept a decent size with new wolves coming in and working like they should. But something was missing. Yet she couldn't put her paw on it. What was it that had been keeping her awake in the long nights? Had it been the lack of truly familiar scents such as Anastasia and Spectre? Or was it the lack of pack activities? Whatever it had been it was gnawing at her skin for weeks.

Needing to release any and all mixed emotions she raised her head to the skies and let out a long bellowing song "Where have you all gone? You all left in our time of need. I do hope you find the greener grass of this land wherever you have gone." The call had been more of things she wish she got to say to those who left. Shade he was gone, Anastasia and Lachesis had left to find a better home, Spectre who had almost suddenly disappeared. Last but not least there was this Rosealia woman who had left dear Karpos and Adsila alone. Was she forgetting one? Oh yes, this Capella woman Karp spoke of. Wherever she had gone too she hoped that maybe she might have some sense and return to their home.

Dropping to the ground Silver laid there wishing someone would come answer all her questions and concerns. Why was everyone leaving her? Is this what Karpos and Adsila felt like? All alone and cold with no one to comfort his and her nightmares at night except for herself. As she now was the loyal 'mother' of the two orphans. Where were the little things any ways?

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