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Joining Instructions
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OOC Joining Instructions

To facilitate the process of joining a pack, RoW offers the option for characters to join a pack OOCly. To join, simply post a new thread in this forum with your desired pack as the thread subject with the following information included:

Character Name:
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?
Post Prompt Response

Each pack has a specific post prompt that they ask all potential joiners to respond to. Pack leaders will use this response to gauge whether or not they think your character is a correct fit for their pack. Each of the post prompts are below. When responding to the post prompt, please ensure that your post meets the 100 word minimum. These posts should be treated like regular RP posts. How would your character react in the situation that the prompt puts them in? After leaders have read and evaluated your response, they will respond to your application and either accept or deny your character.

Pack Post Prompts

Sanguine Cove

You happen to stumble upon the hidden haven of the Sanguine Cove pack. The borders are heavily marked, showing that the wolves that claimed the Lost Lake were home and protective. You announce yourself with a howl, which is quickly answered by another. The Leader appears silently, his mismatched gaze looking you over as he stands protectively on the Sanguine Cove soil. "How can I help you?" He asks politely as he waits patiently for your response.

Dead Empress Backwater

It is likely that you were able to smell the markers of the pack for a long time before you actually reach them. It does not take very long before you are met by a young leader, who appears friendly but judgemental of your appearance and approach. What do you do to appease this gaze? What will you say to plead your case? Have you brought a gift with you? The leader's stance is neutral and proud, and the wolf remains silent. It's your move.

Willow Ridge

You see the Willow trees long before you reach the borders. When you finally get to them you find it hard to miss the markers that a pack resides there. The scents of multiple wolves assault your sense of smell. The leader appears giving you the sense that she is friendly with the soft sway of her tail and kind smile across her maw. You notice the way her mismatched gaze looks you over, clearly she wonders what you have come to her borders for. "What brings you to my borders," she asks politely before going silent as she awaits your response.