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Game Features — Official 
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Game Features

There are many features that help make RoW unique. This thread offers a quick and easy crash course in how to use these features. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM a staff member and we will be happy to help. Likewise, if there is a feature missing from this list and does not have its own article, let us know and we will add it to this guide.

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Absence Log.

Need to go away for a little while? Let us know by utilizing our Absence Log! This log shows a list of all current members who are currently away on absence. This list also includes their departure and return dates and a reason for the absence if one was provided. Accounts that are listed on the absence log are not removed during activity checks.

To put yourself on absence, just follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Go to your User CP
  2. Click on the Absence Log link under the Miscellaneous link section.
  3. Fill out your information, including: "I'm Away", Away Reason, Return Date.
  4. Click "Update Profile" and you will be added to the absence log.

You must sign into each active account and enter in your away dates/reason in order for them to show up on the Absence Log page. If they do not show up on the log, the account is not safe from removal if an activity check occurs and you have not posted with that account.

Reminder: RoW has an absence limit of three weeks. If you know that you will be gone for longer than these 3 weeks, please get in contact with the staff so we can work it out. We have this limit out of fairness to the community - it's hard to plan plots when characters are absent for long periods of time. If you are removed during an activity check, you are always welcome to rejoin by reapplying to the game.

Be aware that character on absence may be skipped in threads between 3 wolves or more. This is to allow larger threads and plots to move along even though a participant is temporarily away. We ask though that you attempt to contact the player before skipping them, to see if they are okay with sitting out for a round.

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Account Linking.

If you have more than one character, then this feature is for you! Account Linking is exactly what it sounds like - the ability to link accounts together. This allows for the ability to easily switch between your different accounts. Linked accounts are used all over the game, from the Member Roster, to the Absence Log, and many more besides. So if you have more than one account, you'll want to read on to learn how to link your accounts together.

Useful Terminology

Primary Account
This is considered your "main" account. This is the account that you will link all of your other accounts to. When choosing which account to make your primary account, it is advised to pick the account that you are most often logged into. Important! The primary account should not be an inactive account. If you no longer play the character on your primary account, please make another account your primary one.

Secondary Account
These are all of your "secondary" accounts. These accounts are linked to the main account. Note: If you want your secondary accounts to show up on features like the Member Roster, they must be linked to a primary account (otherwise, you'll appear twice in the listings).

This is the term used to describe the logging in/out of one account and switching into another. If you want to change to a different account, you will use the "Switch" link on the sidebar to open up the list of accounts you can switch to.

How to Link an Account

Follow the instructions below to learn how to link accounts together. It is recommend that you log in to your primary account to do this.

  1. Go to your User CP.
  2. Click on the Link Accounts link under the Miscellaneous link section.
  3. You will see two options: "Attach an user to current account." and "Attach current account to an user." If you want the account you are currently logged into to be your primary account, select the "Attach an user to current account" option.
  4. Using the form, insert the username and password information of your secondary account. Click "Attach".
  5. If you successfully linked the accounts, you will now see your secondary account name listed under the "Attached Users" heading. If you ever want to detach an account from your primary one, simply click the "detach" button next to the name on this listing.

Benefits to Linking Accounts

There are quite a few benefits to linking your accounts together, but here are just a few of the most important:

  • Automatic "other character" listing on all of your linked accounts.
  • All of your characters will be included on the Member Roster.
  • When you put yourself on absence using your primary account, all of your secondary accounts will also be put on absence.
  • When you receive a PM, all of your accounts will receive a notice, so you'll never have to worry about missing a PM because you aren't logged in to a specific account.
  • Linked accounts are taken into consideration on the Fun & Games statistics, so you can see the combined total of posts, for example, between all of your linked accounts.
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alert System.

Ever wish you could get a notification when somebody has replied to one of your threads or has tagged you in a post? Well, look no further! RoW has a built in alert system that will notify you of these events and many more. You can view your alerts at any time by clicking on the "alerts" link in the sidebar (located next to the Switch or Logout buttons). This link also includes a counter, so you can easily see how many new alerts you currently have. Clicking on this alerts link will show you your latest 5 alerts, so use the "View All alerts" link to see the rest of your alerts.

Configuring your alert Settings

You have the option of setting what events you would like to receive an alert for. To configure your alert settings, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open up the "alerts" link on the sidebar and click the "View All alerts" link.
  2. Just above the list of all of your alerts, you will see three links. Click the "Manage Settings" link.
  3. You will see a list of all the alerts you can receive. Select which ones you would like to receive alerts for and click "Save Settings".

Types of alerts

  • Receive an alert when quoted in a post? — If somebody quotes on of your posts, you will receive an alert.
  • Receive alert when somebody replies to your thread? — If you create a thread and somebody replies to it, you will receive an alert. This only applies to thread that you have created/started.
  • Receive alert when mentioned in a post? — If somebody tags you in a post using @Username, then you will receive an alert.
  • Receive alert for new Announcements? — When a new sitewide announcement is posted, you will receive an alert.
  • Receive alert for Subscribed Threads? — If somebody replies to a thread that you are subscribed to, you will receive an alert.
  • Receive alert for Loved Threads? &mdash: If somebody loves a thread that you have either created or replied to, you will receive an alert.
  • Receive alert for Life Points? — If your Life Points are updated, you will receive an alert.
  • Receive alert for new random event? — If your character has received a random event, you will receive an alert.
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Common Rooms.

Common rooms are pack specific forums located in Wolf Central. Only pack members and staff members may view and respond to threads in the pack common room. Packs typically use these forums to plan upcoming events like hunts or meetings, post pack specific news announcements, or just for fun, pack chatter.

Pack leaders are in charge of moderating these forums, though staff members may contribute from time to time. When a pack is disbanded, all of the threads in that pack's common room are either archived or deleted.

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Fun & Games.

RoW's Fun & Games area is the homepage for our "Of the Months" contest, statistics about the game, and our contests. These are meant to be fun little breaks from the main roleplay on the board.

Current & Ongoing Contests

The Fun & Games page features a list of all of our current and ongoing contests. Clicking on the title of the contest will take you to the contest thread. If you want to see all of contests, check out our Fun & Games forum.

Of the Months

Every month, we like to recognize members of the RoW community. We highlight the top three posters for the month and encourage our players to vote each month for a "Wolf of the Month" and a "Player of the Month". Winners of these competitions are highlighted on the Fun & Games page and on the main index of the site. A full listing of all of our OTM winners can be seen here.

Pack of the month will be returning shortly! Staff are currently re-vamping for a new way to play!


Want to know how many posts you've made this month, or how many times you've used the word of the day? Look no further than the Fun & Games page. We have several listings of statistics that compare both characters and players to one another. These are meant to be silly comparisons and not meant to be seen as any serious competition. Clicking on the "Overall", "Monthly", and "Daily" links will show you all of the players/characters for that statistic. If you have a suggestion for a statistic you'd like to see, let us know!

Word of the Day

One of the continuously running contests that RoW offers is a Word of the Day competition. Each day, a new word is provided by Dictionary.com. The challenge is easy: use that word in your post to rack up points and improve your ranking. Words are only counted for in character posts when they are first posted, no edits.

To use the word of the day, please use the following code in your posts:

Please note that only direct matches of the words are counted. For example, "melee" is not the same as "melees". If you need to use a different form of the word in your post in order for it to make sense, you should include the original form of the word at the top/bottom of your post to make sure that it is counted.
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Gossip Wall.

RoW has a lot going on in character on a regular basis. It can be really hard to keep up with it all, which is why we have a Gossip Wall. Any player can submit a piece of gossip to the wall. All you have to do is provide the id number of the thread and whatever you want to say about it. That's it! You are free to gossip about any IC thread, whether it is your own or just one that you're reading about. If you've been away for a while and want to get caught up on the current IC happenings, the Gossip Wall should be one of your first stops.

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Loved Threads.

Have you ever read a thread and just wanted to commend the writers? With our Loved Threads feature, you can! At the top of a thread, next to the Subscribe/Unsubscribe link, you will see how many "Loves" the thread currently has, as well as a link to "Love?" it. If you liked what you read, compliment the authors by loving the thread. You can see a list of all of the threads that you have loved by going to your User CP and clicking on the Loved Threads link.

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Thread Listing

If you're looking for a new thread to reply to, RoW's Thread Listing should be the first place you look. Our thread list gives you 3 types of threads to choose from: all welcome, random events, and lonely threads. All welcome threads are free for anybody to join in. Random event threads are special threads themed around a specified event. Lonely threads have indicators to tell you whether the threads are all welcome, private, or pack threads. If you see one that is all welcome, feel free to throw your character in and meet somebody new!

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Keeping track of which threads you are in and which ones you need to reply to has never been easier thanks to our automated threadlog system! The threadlogs are simple - make an in character post in any thread and it will automatically be added to your threadlog. Each entry in the threadlog shows the name of the thread, its location, the participants, and its latest post. As the new replies are made and the thread is updated, so is the threadlog!

Threads are automatically sorted into three sections - Active, Finished, and Dead. Active threads are threads still in the IC boards, finished threads have been moved to one of the Relic Lore archives, and Dead threads have been moved to the incomplete forum. Threads can be archived by members by viewing the thread and clicking the "Archive Thread" link at the top of the thread.

Threads that have less than 10 posts are marked in italic on the threadlog. This is to make it easier for you and for the staff when it comes to claiming Life Points.