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Round Stone Crest Pack Thread — Round Stone Crest 
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Branwen Kakisadae
So, this was home. 

it didn't feel much different from Kakisa Falls. And there was absolutely nothing wrong with that. The air was crisp at this perfect height and he enjoyed weaving through the trees to explore safely. He was still recovering, but he understood that these things took time. Especially in winter. He'd taken a big enough hit on his journey. Since arriving, he'd claimed for himself a scrap of rabbit meat. He enjoyed the delicate flavor and spent an odd amount of time savoring it. His stomach still rumbled, but it was easier to ignore. He allowed himself time to digest before wandering out again. He found himself at a mesa. It reminded him a bit of his previous home, save for the lack of waterfall. But with the seemingly eternal span of white spreading out as far as the eye could see (which was not too far, because of the fog), he could say that it certainly challenged the waterfall view.

Once he'd gotten his fill of the view and felt as though his nose might freeze off, he wandered back to the den site. It was a pleasant environment, though he had yet to run into any of the other pack members. It didn't help that he still slept outside of the den. He'd made himself a little trench off to the side, using a large boulder to block the wind. Curiously, he hovered near the mouth of the cave, nose twitching. His ears swiveling listening for activity either in the cave or else where.