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Grizzly Hollow Pack Thread — Grizzly Hollow 
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Oula Whitebark

Oula's positioning here was the most tenuous, whether or not leadership was in the cards for the future, it screamed against every one of her instincts to drag herself lowly under the others. So it wasn't something she did. She didn't strut, she knew better than to walk around like she still owned the place, but she moved confidently and comfortably, licking blood from her lips as she finished eating. Oula's tail swished slowly and stiffly as little Pip approached. The smaller russet female lapped at her chin, and Oula ducked down to graze her teeth over Pip's muzzle with a friendly grumble, nibbling the bridge of her nose.
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Pip Mizuno-Sørenson

The small female let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, leaving her feeling light-headed with relief. With the gesture made, Pip pressed her head underneath Oula's chin and rubbed with affection there. She had missed the warrior queen fiercely and had held out every hope that she would return while it seemed others had not felt similarly that she would at all.

The girl's tail wagged happily. While she had no intention of being disrespectful of @Yvly's leadership, she saw no reason not to reaffirm pack bonds with the grey female. She longed to ask of her journey. How it fared, how she had fared. If she had any luck hunting down Rook. All these would go unasked, and so Pip made sure to lavish the woman with attention she had surely been lacking while she was abroad. Pip even dared to reach up to lick at Oula's ear as she would Niq'x or Blitz.

It was the first true sign of endearment she'd shown any since her siblings' departure from the pack. Realizing it left Pip feeling like a true heel. She vowed to be better and repair any damage she may have inadvertently caused in her grief.
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Pip Mizuno-Sørenson

Her injuries had no doubt delayed this from happening. Nineva, far more gentle with her than she ever had been before, had been awfully lenient since coming of age to join the adult ranks. It was silly, Pip knew, to delay it any longer and caused her too much anxiety already. Purposefully, the mute strode up to the younger female and briefly touched noses with her before dropping down and rolling to expose her throat and belly in a clear sign of submission.

From the beginning, the mute never had aspirations for any sort of leadership. She was ill suited for it by personality and handicap anyway. It was time Nineva earned a rank more befitting her capabilities. Even if she was younger, she had always been more capable. To show she held no ill will for it, the tawny female wagged her tail sweetly.

She knew her place: an omega she would always be.
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Nineva Hervok
WARNING: this post touches on a sensitive subject, namely: sexual assault.

The young woman was, for quite a few reasons, rather miserable as of late. There were too many things going wrong, all on top of the insufferable heat that not only was enough of a trial on its own, but served as a constant reminder that she was not yet where she wanted to be in life. There was time, she knew that, but the clock was ticking and she had not progressed.

Her family was gone. Violent criminals still roamed the woods. Pip had been assaulted. @Tomen was scarce, perhaps because of her overwhelming scent, but still it worried her. Pulled at her heart, weakened her.

Alone at the communal densite, she curled up tightly against herself and tried to shut it all out, seeking the comfort of sleep. Instead, she caught on to the pawsteps of someone coming near. With a sigh, she stretched herself back out, and lifted her chin. She did not want her troubles to be so obvious, to become anyone else's. There were certainly several wolves within the pack which she did not trust, anyways. The small woman that did approach, however, was certainly not one of them, and so the newly-turned adult relaxed as the omega approached her.

Her ears pricked upward as Pip made a pointed show of submission, confused for a moment before realizing that she had never properly asserted herself over the other female, far too preoccupied by everything else. It was funny, her first heat, the ultimate sign of womanhood, had distracted her from taking a moment to fully comprehend where she now stood with the pack. An adult.

She reached down and opened her jaws, teeth pressing tenderly against Pip's throat. A low growl leaked from her throat, the sound purely affectionate as pure trust flowed between the two women. When Nineva released her, it wasn't for long; she retracted her muzzle only to stretch out her forelimbs and wriggle closer. One leg draped over Pip's stomach, and the omega was pulled close. The younger girl rested her head atop the other's chest and breathed out another heavy sigh.

Here she was feeling sorry for herself when Pip carried a forced litter. Selfish.
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