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welcome to the family — Lost Lake 
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Anthem ColdHeart
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Anthem smile widened if possible as his brother agreed to wanting to join. Then it was all made official as Namid welcomed him to the pack. His family was back together again! He couldn't believe that his siblings had managed to find him after all this time had passed. It finally felt right. A piece he hadn't known was missing was put into place and he felt at peace. They were together again after he had stupidly ripped them apart. He wouldn't be doing that ever again. He had learned his lesson the first time. Thank you Namid. Anthem called as his Queen left them. He turned once more to Nathaniel and was about to speak again when Angele showed up on the scene.

Her expression was that of excitement at first but then she seemed to withdraw with herself as her ears tipped back. Anthem couldn't help but bump into her much as he had done with their brother. Her questions were much the same as his had been and the wariness he saw in her had him thinking back to how he had felt when he had first seen Angele in Spectral Woods. He had thought that she might have come after him with intentions other than what he had hoped. He had been proven wrong of course. He came to join us and Namid has officially let him into the pack as well. He told Angele quickly with a grin. He wanted to get rid of any doubts she had as fast as he could so that she would be at ease.
I am the Anthem we sing,
My sister the Angele we follow,
My brother ,Nathaniel, our guide

Together we shall not stray.
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Nathaniel ColdHeart
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OOC: it's fine fly <3 I'm going to fade & archive this now to get Niel's join finished with, & I'll make new threads for the siblings to catch up c:

Nathaniel was relieved to receive Namid's blessing, having felt a bit tense about the possibility of rejection or having to jump through hoops in order to prove himself. Thankfully, Anthem's reputation seemed to speak volumes around this hidden cove, something that didn't quite surprise the ColdHeart sibling. Still, it was a curious thing that he very much wanted to discuss with his brother. Another time. A shiver went through him as Namid brushed against him as the thought hit him that this might be the final time in his life he went through such a ceremony. Many a time he had been marked before, claimed to belong to a pack, and every time he had left them behind and let their scents fade from his pelt.

This time, it was up to his siblings how long he stayed, but something about this reunion, the words spoken, told him that if Anthem had his choice, it would be forever.

Nathaniel moved to follow Namid, but from his peripheral vision he caught the movement of his sister, Angele. Another wave of excitement hit him, as her presence only made it all the more real to him that he was finally home.

"Angele!" he called out to her, halting his steps after he had turned to face her. There was nothing but happiness upon his face, until she stopped short at Anthem's side and her presence shifted from mirthful to anxious. Pale green eyes noticed the subtle signs of defensive aggression that the woman was trying to hold back, and both confusion and worry filled them. Still, he maintained his smile, hoping to ease her nerves and show her that everything was indeed alright.

"Yes," he bolstered, as Anthem answered Angele's questions for him. "I've missed you both dearly... I've been searching for you the whole time.... I just finally got lucky, I guess."

It was a wonder, after all, that he hadn't been turned around completely. After all this time, it truly was pure luck and determination that had led him back to his siblings. But he wouldn't let it be wasted. He took a few more steps after Namid, eyes asking that his siblings follow him so they could talk on the way. He'd had a long journey, and was eager to rest, as well as catch up with the duo.