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Toklo - Toklo - Feb 10, 2024

.... OOC: Tuft
.... current characters: Toklo
.... how you found us: Origin RPG
.... your character's initial fight stats: Tank
....a role play sample (200+ words): "Hunger." That’s all that Toklo could think about. It has been about two and a half weeks since his last meal, and even then, it was a measly squirrel that he found dead and half eaten.

His ribs can clearly be seen under his dark gray fur. The white fur on his stomach shifts as his stomach growls in pain. "This might be my last day here." He thought solemnly. Tears stream down his black-streaked white muzzle, remembering the night that he became the sole survivor of his pack. "At least I’ll be with my pack again."

Toklo had been on his own now for the past three months, wandering the Sunspire Mountains in hopes for food. Now looking for a place to rest, he picks the closest tree to him: a willow tree. A burst of scent, a marker signifying that this is another wolf pack’s territory, bombards his nose. Worry fills him for a brief moment, but he tells himself that he’ll probably be dead way before anyone could ever find him.

He circles around on a spot under the tree before plopping down on the hard crunchy snow. He starts to close his eyes, the mist surrounding the area turning into snow.

Suddenly, Toklo hears a twig snap. He jumps up, the scruff on his neck raised.

He whispers in the open air, “H-Hello? Is there someone out there?”.

and finally a bit about your character...Toklo is still very much a puppy at heart. His favorite things to do in his free time are typically games that he can play with others like chase, tag, or just a sprinting race. He is a people pleaser, so he often gives trust to everyone that he meets, good or bad. Because of his trusting nature, he is also loyal to the people that he is close with. He would do anything for anyone that he loves, even if it meant that it would hurt himself or others.

Tuft is a typical Northwestern Wolf. He has dark grey ears sitting atop of a mostly white face and chest. He has a dark grey mask surrounding his eyes, with two stripes going around his nose and cheeks. He has black fur reaching all the way from his toes to his elbows. He is kind of stocky, but harsh winters have made him a lot more lean. He has really thick and coarse fur. His golden amber eyes shine and you can pretty much never see tuft without seeing him smile.

Toklo - Chan - Feb 10, 2024


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