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Welcome to the Library!
The RoW Library is your one-stop-shop for anything information that you wish to find about the Forest of Relic Lore and the out of character community. It is a constantly updating database that is provided with information from both the staff and members to further develop and build the world that our wolves find themselves in. Linked below are the main sections you should read before joining RoW and becoming part of our community as they give you a run-down of the essentials.
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Rules and Game Guides
This category contains everything you need to know to roleplay at Ruins of Wildwood. We have divided our game information into required and optional reading. All members should be familiar with the articles in the required reading forum.
History and Setting
This section of the Library is dedicated to the forest our characters live in—The Forest of Relic Lore. It holds information about topics such as the packs and families of the forest, the flora and fauna your wolf can expect to co-exist with, and a region-by-region breakdown of the entire Forest. You can also read about the lore and legends that make Relic Lore such a unique place.
Helpful Tips for Wolves and Writing
The articles in this category are designed to help you improve your skills as a writer of wolf characters. You can learn more about the life cycles of wolves and how to incorporate that information into your posts in ways that are more engaging to both read and write.
Exactly what the title suggests, this category holds articles that pertain to a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Most often, these articles refer to OOC events and activities that have been held over the years, such as of the months and an annual yearbook.
Game Archives
Stored in this area are all the archives of RoW—that is, all the threads gone and past that have happened since the time of the game's creation. These threads are what has allowed the Forest of Relic Lore to grow and develop and they can hold just as much information as the articles. All of Relic Lore's events and memories are stored within this section separated by years they happened.