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Life Points — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,576 posts.

Life Points.

Life Points are a numerical way to mark in character development. Every time your character interacts with another wolf or their environment, they are developing in some way. This is why we all love our characters to the extent that we do, because we have put so much time into creating a realistic and complex creature, as opposed to a very shallow and two-dimensional one.

Characters earn points in four different categories: Development, Pack, Skills, and Physique. Different interactions will affect different areas of Life Points, both positively and negatively. The combined total of these categories is the character's Life Point Total.

Type of Life Points.

Development — This category serves to mark the key development points throughout your character's life. Milestones such as obtaining a mate, having puppies, or meeting somebody new are all recorded here.

Pack — The pack is the basic unit of a wolf community. As a pack member, they are expected to be heavily involved in keeping it strong. Participating in a meeting, hunt, or some other activity will earn your character points here.

Skills — Whether your character is a fighter, a hunter, or a healer, their accomplishments will be accounted for here. Practice makes perfect, and the more an individual's skills are honed, the better they will become.

Physique — What type of build is your character? Are the brawny? Are they fast? How old are they? Most importantly, what is their current health status? All of that information is held in this category.

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,576 posts.

Earning Life Points.

Life points can be used in a variety of ways, and new ones are being added all the time. If you have any ideas on how characters can earn LP, please let the Staff know and we will take it into consideration.

Keep in mind that in order to claim any points at all, the thread must have at least 10 replies (with your character posting at least 3+ times), be completed (and archived) and the character claiming points must have participated for the majority of 'rounds' in the thread. Some points do however have a different requirement, such as demonstrating or practicing a pack role.


Have Pups.
Your character has had pups on Relic Lore.
Gain a Mate.
Completed at least 5 private threads with your character's mate and established a relationship. (To be eligible for these points, both parties must also have the relationship stated on their character profiles)
Create a Pack.
Created an official pack in Relic Lore that was approved by staff. Leaders only.
Character Ages a Year.
Character has aged a year while played on RoW. (Characters must have been on RoW for at least 6 months to be eligible)
Discover a Subterritory.
Have a thread "discovering" the new subterritory and then submit it to this thread. Points can be collected after Staff Appproval.
Complete a Random Event.
Completed a thread themed around a "Random Event". The list of current Random Events can be found here. Threads must be completed in order to claim points.
Completed a thread with a New Wolf.
Completed a thread with one or more character/s you've not threaded with before.
Completed a Thread.
Threads must be completed in order to count.
Has Met 20 Wolves.
This is a cumulative count; for every 20 wolves that your character meets, you are eligible for an additional +20 points.
Thread in Every 10 Territories/Subterritories.
For every 10 territories or subterritories that your character completes a thread in, they are eligible to claim 10 LP. This is a cumulative total. Pack territories do not count towards this total.


Create a Pack.
Created an official pack in Relic Lore that was approved by staff. Leaders only.
Recruit a Pack Member.
This is claimable if a pack wolf meets a lone wolf outside of pack territory (not along the borders) and convinces them to join the pack. In order to claim recruiting LP, a character must spend at least 5 posts trying to convince another character to join their pack. The join thread must be created before the recruitment LP can be claimed for the recruiting character.
Join a Pack.
If your character is accepted into a pack, they are eligible to claim these points.
Participate in a Pack Activity.
These threads must be marked by a "Pack" thread icon and should include the majority of the pack members. This can include pack meetings, pack hunts, play sessions, etc.
Participating in a Rank Challenge.
If your character participates in a rank challenge, they are eligible to claim these points, regardless of whether they gain or lose their rank. Rank challenges between pack members do not typically turn to aggressive violence, as the point is merely to assert one's dominance over the other and not to cause bodily harm. Spectators of a rank challenge are not eligible for these points.
Join the Adult Ranks.
These points are awarded when a pup turns 1 and join the adult ranks of a pack.
Thread with Pack Mates.
Completed a thread with a least one pack mate present. Newly accepted pack wolves cannot claim this for their joining thread.
Born into a Pack.
Available only to pups who are born into existing Relic Lore packs.
Participate in the Pack Thread.
Actively participate in the Pack Thread by making at least 6 posts total (3 per character in a 2 wolf interaction) within one 'interaction.' Make sure to read about the Pack Threads here for more details on interactions and what is allowed. This thread will never be archived · claim points only when the interaction round has finished.


Leader of a Pack.
Claimable after your character has become the I. Leader of a pack. This LP may only be claimed once per pack.
Gain a Role in a Pack.
These points are awarded when your character has received one of the basic pack roles. Characters must have 5 threads demonstrating or practicing their skill in order to gain a role (see demonstrating and practicing a role below).
Win a Fight.
A fight consists of 5-6 posts in which two or more characters are actively fighting/competing against one another with the intention of gaining an advantage over the other character(s). The winner of this fight will be the wolf, or wolves, with the highest HP at the end of the fight - when the other combatants can no longer fight or have successfully retreated. Friendly spars do not count.
Participate in a Successful Pack Hunt.
If your character participates in a pack hunt with a successful result, then you are eligible to claim these points. (If your wolf leads the hunt, this can count as progress towards the hunter role).
Draw a Fight.
A fight consists of 5-6 posts in which two or more characters are actively fighting/competing against one another with the intention of gaining an advantage over the other character(s). A fight comes to a draw when neither wolf successfully overpowers the other, usually including a mutual agreement to end the fight with no clear winner. Friendly spars do not count.
Gain an Advanced Role in a Pack.
These points are awarded when your character has received one of the advanced/specialized pack roles. Characters must have 3 threads demonstrating or practicing their skill in order to gain an advanced role (see demonstrating and practicing a role below) and meet any additional requirements determined by the pack's leaders.
Lose a Fight.
A fight consists of 5-6 posts in which two or more characters are actively fighting/competing against one another with the intention of gaining an advantage over the other character(s). The loser of a fight will be the wolf, or wolves, with the lowest HP at the end of the fight. A wolf who chooses to submit to the other combatant will also be considered to have lost the fight. Friendly spars do not count.
Participate in 3 "Join" Threads (Leaders Only).
For every 3 "Join" threads that a leader participates in, they are eligible to claim 10 LP. The outcome of the join thread does not matter, the thread only has to be completed.
Successful Hunt with 2+ Wolves.
This thread needs to have 12 replies with at least 8 posts focused on the actual hunting of the prey. For example, having two wolves come across an already dead animal does not count, nor does accomplishing a hunt in less than 8 posts. (Pack wolves should choose the demonstrate points below instead).
Demonstrate a Pack Role.
This thread needs to have twelve (12) replies with at least three (3) posts of your character actively doing the pack role. To be "demonstrating" a role, characters must be using a role in a real life situation. For example, a scout must be intentionally looking for something with the intention of reporting it back to their leaders in order to be demonstrating their role as a scout. A character may demonstrate roles they do not officially have, as when a normal subordinate demonstrates the role of a hunter by hunting. Leaders may also claim this if they have lead a pack meeting. Please mark your demonstration posts OOC
Participate in a Scuffle.
A scuffle consists of 2-3 posts with no formal challenge issued. This could be two lone wolves scrapping over a kill site. This is used for "serious" encounters, so two pack wolves play fighting would not be eligible for these points.
Unsuccessful Hunt with 2+ Wolves.
This thread needs to have 12 replies with at least 8 posts focused on the actual hunting of the prey. For example, having two wolves come across an already dead animal does not count. (Pack wolves should choose the demonstrate points above instead).


The physique points are calculated when a character first joins the game and only change in the following instances (1) The character ages while on RoW and (2) Injury occurs. Physique points are based off of a character's age and their size and a further divided into three sections: Strength, Stamina, and Speed.

As a wolf ages from pup to yearling to adults, they gain additional LP to add to their physique. A pup who will eventually grow into a large adult would gain an additional 150 points on their first birthday and the final 100 points on their second birthday for a final total of 350 Physique LP.

Small Yearling.
Max Strength is 80.
Medium Yearling.
Large Yearling.
Max Speed is 80.
Small Adult.
Max Strength is 80.
Medium Adult.
Large Adult.
Max Speed is 80.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,576 posts.

Using Life Points.

So now that your character has joined RoW and begun to accumulate some Life Points, you must be wondering how they are used. While one of the big reasons for the Life Points is to serve as numerical gauge of their progress over time, they are also used for practical reasons within the game. Below are some examples of how they will be used.

· In order to create your own pack, you must have an established character on the game. This means that your character must already have either: 100 Development, 100 Pack & 100 Skill LP
Or: 200 Development & 150 Skill LP, in which case the Pack LP doesn't matter.

· While every member of the pack contributes to the overall well-being of the whole, the ways they contribute are different. If you want your character to have a duty for their pack, they must have 50 points in the skills and pack development.

· Success in a rank challenge or a hunt will also be determined using the Life Points. Wolves with higher skills in fighting, along with their physique points, are more inclined to win a rank challenge or other fight. Likewise, more skilled hunters are likely to bring down stronger prey.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,576 posts.

Collecting Life Points.

To collect the Life Points that you've earned, please fill out the Life Points Request Form. The staff will take care of everything else. Once your Life Points have been awarded, you'll be able to view them in your character's profile, along with a log of why and when they were awarded. When requesting life points, it is important to keep in mind that a single thread can only be claimed once per category.

Questions About Life Point Collection.

As the Life Points system has grown and developed, points of confusion have been found. Below is an updated list of questions and answers in regards to Life Points.

Do you get points for the same thread for both threading with a new wolf and completing a thread?
No, you can only claim one set of LP in every category per one thread. You will be awarded the higher of the two amounts.

Can you claim a thread in both the Pack & Development category?
Yes, you can claim a thread in multiple categories, but only one set of points from each category.

Do we get points for both development and pack if the thread involves pack and non-pack members?
Yes, you would be able to claim one set of points in the development category and one set in the pack category.

Can you claim multiple LP for a Random Event thread?
It depends. Participating in a Random Event will count towards Development points, but if your character demonstrates a skill or threads with a pack mate, you could also gain points in those categories as well.

Can I claim points twice for the same Random Event?
No, as you have already taken part in the Random Event. You can of course play it again against someone else, but you cannot claim the LP for participating in it twice.

If I participate in a Random Event with a new wolf, can I later thread with them again and claim +30 for meeting a new wolf?
No, you cannot, as you have already met them but chose to claim for a higher set of points, so the next time you thread with them you can only claim +20 for completing a thread. However, they do count towards your "met 20 wolves".

Do I get multiple points for meeting multiple new wolves in the same thread?
No. The +30 will only apply once. However, threading with multiple new characters expands the number of characters your character knows, for which LP can be claimed.

Does your character need to already have a role in order to claim +10 Skill LP for demonstrating a pack role?
No, wolves can serve their pack in multiple ways. If your wolf is a "teacher" they can still demonstrate being a guardian if they run off trespassers.

When you gain points for recruiting a member, would this include your founding members when creating a pack, or only the members whom join after you establish the pack?
No, founding members cannot be counted towards the recruiting a member LP. All members recruited after a pack has been founded do count.

What is recruiting a wolf to a pack, anyway?
It is when your wolf meets another wolf, most likely outside of the pack territory, and intentionally convinces it to join your pack. Merely accepting someone at the border is not 'recruiting'.

What is the difference between practicing and demonstrating a pack role?
Practicing requires the presence of a mentor or teacher who is there to give your character pointers or otherwise improve their performance. Demonstration, however, is using that skill in a real situation.

When requesting LP, should I post my threads in chronological order (oldest to newest)?
No, you don't have to, but it will result in your LP log being listed in chronological order.

I played my character here before the life point system started, can I count the wolves he/she met before the system started towards the +20 wolves met?
Yes, but the threads in which your character met them cannot be used to earn LP.

My thread had 10 posts in it, but I didn't receive my LP. What gives?
This can happen for a couple of reasons, which will be addressed in the maintenance thread after a staff member has reviewed it. But the most common reason that this happens is because the posts in the thread were below the 100 word minimum. One or two posts is fine, but if the majority of the 10 posts are significantly below 100 words, the staff will ask you to add additional posts before you can claim LP.

My wolf chased off a mountain lion, badger, bear from pack territory can I collect guarding points (as demonstrating as a Guardian)?
No, points may only be collected for protecting pack against another character (played by another person or by Staff on the Spirit of Wildwood account. Random event or other NPC characters will not be eligible.

My thread has been marked Dead a couple times and/or there is currently a two (2) month gap in-between now and the most recent post. Could I still claim LP for it if my partner and I continue and archive it?
If your thread has a gap of 2+ months in it (where there were no posts), there needs to be at least 3 additional posts in order to claim LP for it.

I found an old thread that I forgot to claim LP for. Can I?
Only if it's been archived for less than six months. Threads that are revived to have an ending tagged on after two months of no replies will not count toward LP.

Can a leader have a different role? Can they demonstrate a pack role?
Wolves ranked "I." can only hold the "Leader" role. Like other wolves in the pack, leaders can demonstrate other roles (such as hunter, guardian, teacher, etc.) and gain skill LP by doing so.

Can leaders claim demonstrating a pack role LP by holding meetings? What about other pack events?
Leaders can claim demonstrating a pack role LP by hosting meetings. They would be demonstrating their "leadership" role. Non-leaders may also hold pack meetings and claim demonstrating an "advisor" role. Leaders are already awarded other LP for hosting other kinds of events, like pack hunts, and cannot receive demonstrating a pack role LP for that.

What if some character in a pack switches to a different role? Or if they go to a new pack and get the same/a different role again?
Pack roles are not transferable between packs, so if Bob were to leave Pack A and go to Pack B, he would start out as a subordinate and have to go through the process again. However, he would only need to do 2 threads instead of 5 (unless their new pack requires more).

How many times can I claim "Obtain a role"?
You may only claim the +70 skill points once for each role. If you have a role, leave a pack, and get the role back in your new pack, you cannot claim the +70 again. However, if you obtain a different role, you may claim +70 skill points for that one.

My character helped create a pack, what points can I claim?
After completing a claiming thread leaders may claim pack and development points for creation. Founding members can claim "join a pack" points.

My character is a yearling, can they obtain a role?
Yes, they can become any one of the six basic roles and advanced roles if they meet the thread requirements set forth by their pack. Yearlings may only become leaders if there is no other eligible adult female for leadership.

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