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User Maintenance
Basic instructions for maintaining a forum account.
User Registration
Perks and privileges to user registration.
Updating Profile
Changing your data currently on record.
Use of Cookies on MyBB
MyBB uses cookies to store certain information about your registration.
Logging In and Out
How to login and log out.

Posting, replying, and basic usage of forum.
Posting a New Thread
Starting a new thread in a forum.
Posting a Reply
Replying to a topic within a forum.
Learn how to use MyCode to enhance your posts.

Pack Questions
Not entirely sure how some pack dynamics work?
How do I join a pack?
We have options to either join a pack In Character or Out of Character.
How are packs created?
There's a few requirements which you need to meet.
What happens when my wolf crosses into a pack's territory?
With a few exceptions... bad things happen.
Why do leaders have to post more often?
Pack leadership is a big responsibility, so we ask that leaders post more than other pack members.
Can more than one wolf in a pack have "that" specific role?
The short answer is: yes!
How do I move my wolf up in the ranks?
Ranks are determined by interactions In Character

Breeding and Puppies
There's quite a few rules and regulations concerning this!
I want to roleplay a puppy, is this possible?
Sometimes it is—if you're lucky enough to adopt one.
Is my wolf allowed puppies if they are not a leader of a pack?
It is discouraged as, again: bad things happen.
When is breeding season in Relic Lore?
In spring! Or, more exactly: March.

Character Creation and Interaction
A few things on characters, from an OOC perspective.
Can I have more than one character in a pack?
Yes, you can.
Can I play an animal other than a Grey Wolf?
At the moment, no.
How many characters can I have?
As many as you can keep active!
When playing multiple characters, are they allowed to interact?
Of course! But there are a few Life Point restrictions.
Can my character communicate with non-wolf characters?
Other animals would be able to recognize wolf behavior, but not words.

Roleplaying is key to finding new places.
I want my character to discover a new territory. How do I do this?
It's quite simple, actually.

Out of Character
Regarding the more OOC aspects of being on RoW.
I am going to be absent for a while, what should I do?
First and foremost: mark yourself absent!
Why is my character inactive?
Did you log in to find that your account had been turned inactive? Find out why!
How do I join Discord?
You need to register an account

Life Points
Unsure of how they work?
Life Points
There are some regulations how you earn them.