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The staff wants your help in keeping RoW nice and clean! Members now have the ability to archive their own threads, without the assistance of a staff member. IC threads without a response after one month are automatically archived. However, this thread is for any additional maintenance requests you may have, such as reporting a bug, adjusting a post count or title, collecting a reward, or putting a character up for adoption. Please respond to this thread with any requests - once the request has been met, your post will be deleted to ensure tidiness.

  • Click here to report bugs

  • If you are asking for a thread revival state where the thread took place originally.

  • Looking to be put back in a pack? Either make sure you @tag your leaders when you post here (editing tags in afterwards will not alert them) or PM them to be placed back in the roster

(Jan 17, 2023, 05:15 AM)Clouse Wrote:  
(Jan 16, 2023, 12:27 PM)Malien Wrote:  Thanks again for all the help with that <33

I noticed there was a wrong account post on this thread, would it be possible to have Isomne (uid #5601) removed from the participants list on this thread? ^^

Your welcome! Unfortunately once this mistake has been made, we cannot remove the accidental character from the participant list. All we can do is delete the associated post. I don't know if this is something @Aquene can look into addressing or not.

I will look into this, but for now the deleted post account will show up in the threadlog participants list
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May Clover please get a +1 to her Con stat now that she's reached 500LP please and thank you? <3
(Yesterday, 01:57 AM)Clover Wrote:  May Clover please get a +1 to her Con stat now that she's reached 500LP please and thank you? <3

done <3
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