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February Horoscope!

These are meant to be fun little post prompts! Submit all finished horoscope based threads to Sarah for a chance to be featured in next month's horoscope feature!


You can finally put whatever has been bothering you lately on the back burner and spend the next few days walking on air -- or maybe on water.


Look down at your plate before you go back to the buffet for a second helping. Do you still have perfectly good food in front of you? Well, don't waste it.

FEHU, FEB 1 — FEB 14

Don't be afraid to ask for something that you didn't think was possible yesterday -- it's still possible to get in on the ground floor of a new venture if you know how to work it.

DAGNAZ, FEB 15 — FEB 28/29

The best thing you can do right now is to slow down. Good things definitely come to those who wait patiently. New circumstances find you facing your own indifference.

GEBO, MAR 1 — MAR 14

You have the advantage no matter which way you turn. These days it seems as if the laws of the universe were written to benefit you, and you delight at the prospect of everything going your way.

JERAN, MAR 15 — MAR 31

ThIf you can't do it yourself, maybe you shouldn't attempt to do it at all. Support may be forthcoming, but it's on someone else's schedule. In the hours that it takes to wait and explain, you could probably handle matters on your own.

IWAZ, APR 1 — APR 14

The stars urge you to win your victories one at a time, face-to-face and to be fully aware of your actions.

ALGIZ, APR 15 — APR 30

Do what you must, because the energy you're giving off is too powerful for most.


This is the perfect time to use sign language and gestures to get your point across. Talking is highly overrated. Instead of describing your feelings, demonstrate them creatively.

RAIDO, MAY 15 — MAY 31

Don't be too surprised if something you did in the past catches up with you. There's nowhere to run once it finds you, so you may as well face it.


Keep in mind that not everyone in the world appreciates your finely tuned sense of humor. If you were to refine this approach, imagine how many more people you could reach.


What happened? You got off to such a great start, but you're suddenly feeling fatigued. Don't be surprised when your huge lead slows back down to a walking pace.
Current Of the Month Winners

Member of the Month: Vet

Becca recently won Member of the Month in December, but we all love her so much she's back again for February! Becca is a fun presence in the chat and a positive, reliable member. Her activity is off the charts (she beat Kai this last month, which is no small feat) even with so many characters (6). She's a part of so many varied characters and plots and its exciting to see what she has in store for us all this breeding season. Congrats Becca!

Wolf of the Month: Ravenna

Reyes has been stirring up trouble since he arrived in Relic Lore back in August, but one of the best things about him is the depth of relationships he's developed over time. He formed a fast bond with Cottongrass, the loveable yet sort of hopeless Owl Boy soon after appearing on the East side, and it was a lot of fun watching the two of them rove all of Relic Lore. But after nearly half a year of wandering as a loner, Reyes met Askan and in spite of their antagonistic relationship the two really hit it off and Askan finally "put a ring on it" so to speak, bringing him back to Wild Rye Fields. The threads between Reyes and Askan are some of the best ogoing comedy right now, and we definitely can't wait to see more from them!

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