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Pack Guide — Official 
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Ruins of Wildwood Pack Guide.

Welcome to the Ruins of Wildwood Pack Guide! Here you can find a quick rundown of information regarding currently active wolf packs. Most of the information here is not found on the pack pages and have been provided and updated by Pack Leaders in hopes of recruiting your character!

While each and every pack is unique, there are some courtesies for a Lone Wolf to keep in mind. These courtesies may be disregarded by an individual or vary based on the situation, but please be aware that there is a possibility for in-character consequences:

  • Anything you read in this guide is OOC (out of character) knowledge ONLY. Just because you have read something here DOES NOT mean your character also knows it. This guide is meant to help in planning plots, not to give your character a 'free pass' in learning things they should not know.
  • In general, packs do not like when wolves who are not apart of their pack cross their borders. A wolf wishing to join or visit a pack should wait well outside of the border and consider howling to announce themselves.
  • Usually the forum with the pack's name is considered to be inside the borders of that pack's territory. To avoid confusion, make a "Join" thread in the territory the pack is in (for example post in the Drooping Willows forum rather than the Willow Ridge forum), in doing this the thread can be assumed to be just outside pack territory.

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The Wolves of Dead Empress Backwater.

  • Current Leader: Viorel Valle & Eros Valle
  • Established: March 11th, 2021
  • Location: Dead Empress Backwater, Heartleaf Creek, Northern Eden, Relic Lore
  • Navigation: Located on the northern portion of heartleaf creek, south of wild cherry orchard, on a small offshoot of the main creek.
  • Den Description: On the northern reaches of Heartleaf Creek there lays a clearing in the forest caused by a disease that killed the trees years ago. Dead trunks and branches still lay scattered throughout the area, leaning on each other, and toppled over with exposed roots reaching towards the sky. One particular bough fell across a section of the creek, effectively cutting off the current and causing a backwater. This area freezes solid in the winter and provides safe, still, clean, water for the pack who call this area home. The clearing is used as their main meeting place and is located in the center of the pack territory. Outside of this one section of pack lands, the forest was unaffected by disease and empress, sycamore, poplar, and maple trees grow tall and strong. The empress trees bloom in the spring, leaving the area covered in purple flowers and an undeniably sweet scent. The Heartleaf Creek winds in and out of the Backwater’s claimed lands, providing moving water year round, and on quiet nights the burbling stream can be heard throughout the entire territory.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: sweet empress flowers, fresh water, maple trees

  • Pack Colors: #091656 (Backwater Blue) & #c2dcd7 (Frozen Empress Sea foam)
  • Character Alignment: Mostly Lawful & Neutral, Some Chaotic, Some Good, Rarely Evil

  • Friends:
  • Neutral: Paradise Falls
  • Tumultuous: Sanguine Cove
  • Enemies:

  • Core Values: Loyalty, Intelligence, Resilience
  • Motto: "Through Trials to Triumph"

  • Age Range: Pup - 8 years
  • Size Range: Small - Large
  • Roles Present: Healer, Scout, Advisor

Notes & Trivia.

  • 7 of the original founding members were relocated to Relic Lore as part of a wolf reintroduction program, they were originally from the coast
  • Previously allied with Sanguine Cove, things have turned rocky since the death of a Backwater pup during a visit to the mountain.
  • Viorel has led the pack since it's founding, however his co-lead has switched between the mated pair of Vayko and Clover throughout the years. Most recently, his son Eros has stepped up to lead by his side.

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The Wolves of Sanguine Cove.

  • Current Leader: Nash Eastfall
  • Established: March 16th, 2021
  • Location: Sanguine Cove, Lost Lake, Serpent Pass, Relic Lore
  • Navigation: Located on the north-western shore of the Lost Lake

  • Den Description: Along the Lost Lake’s north-western side lies yet another peaceful cove hidden by dense forest cover. A rocky hillside leads down to the water’s surface where one can see the towering Mountain of Dire, while on top of the hillside stands a towering stone structure exposed to the elements of the mountain range. The towering undercut stack formation has been worn down by severe wind, making its top have a significantly larger cross-section than the bottom. Hardy trees and bushes still miraculously lay claim to the surface of the massive stone. Also carved within the rock-riddled hillside rests the entrance of the den the Sanguine Cove pack claims as their own, carefully hidden from prying eyes.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: Damp earth, Lake water, White Fir, Mountain Laurel, Pine needles
  • Pack Colors: #90121F (Sanguine Red) & #95D0E7 (Lake Shore Blue)

  • Allies:
  • Friends:
  • Neutral: Paradise Falls, Dead Empress Backwater
  • Enemies:
  • Unaware of: 

  • Core Values: Freedom, Respect, Courage, Passion, and Family
  • Motto: "Success is not in never failing, but rising every time you fall."

  • Age Range: 9 months - 10 years old
  • Size Range: Pup - Large
  • Alignments: Mostly Neutral, some Good, some Chaotic, no Evil
  • Roles Present: Elder (Moonshadow also holds the role Advisor), Shaman (healer), Guardian (Nash also holds leader title), yearling
  • Roles Available: All

Notes & Trivia.

  • This pack is both the spiritual & blood successor of Fallen Tree Cove, founded in conjunction by the children of both leading families; Vuesain and Eastfall.
  • Currently, tensions with Dead Empress Backwater have put their friendship and any potential alliance into question! Stay tuned.

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The Wolves of Paradise Falls.

  • Current Leaders: Finley Lennox Kane
  • Established: February 6th, 2023
  • Location: Paradise Falls, Kingsfall, Snowmarch Expanse, Relic Lore
  • Navigation: Located in the center of Kingsfall, not far from the eastern shore of Turtleback Lake

  • Den Description: Nestled within the hillier areas of Kingsfall, and less than half a day’s journey away from Turtleback Lake, lies a small valley, or canyon of sorts, carved through the stone over many years by one of the many streams of water that feed the lush area. One would be best to enter the small valley from downstream, for stone walls are far too steep and high to climb in or out of in most places, yet trees and plant growth have managed to grow there. A number of caves and small nooks dot the stone, the largest one providing shelter to to the wolves who call this home. At the end of the small valley are two shallow pools of water, one elevated slightly, and beyond the second, awaits the waterfall the territory is named for.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: Fresh Water, Sequoia Needles, Damp Undergrowth & Sundried Stones
  • Pack Colors: #339966 (Paradise Pools) & #b44311 (Sequoia Red)

  • Allies:
  • Friends: Sanguine Cove
  • Neutral: Dead Empress Backwater
  • Enemies:
  • Unaware of:

  • Core Values: Compassion, Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity & Perseverance
  • Motto: "Growth doesn't come in a single action, it is the result of persistence, courage, and hard work."

  • Age Range: pup - 7 years old
  • Size Range: Pup - Large
  • Alignments: Mostly Chaotic, Some Lawful, Some Neutral, Mostly Good, Rarely Evil
  • Roles Present: Leader, Second, Subordinate, Yearling
  • Roles Available: All

Notes & Trivia.

  • This pack is an offshoot of Sanguine Cove, with 3 founding members, including both leaders, being former members of the pack.

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