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History and Setting
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It is stories and legends which shape a place—and of these, Relic Lore has many. In this section of the Library you'll find the hidden lore of the forest, where whether the information is true or purely myth is something you'll have to wonder and speculate about. Each place has legends and history long past and if you're curious about Relic Lore's then there is not better place to find it.
The Forest of Relic Lore is a magical place, and it's well known that most who find themselves within the forest find it incredibly hard to depart its majesty and grandeur. It is a place like no other and in this section you'll find detailed articles on each of the regions the forest can be divided into and a list of the fauna and flora you can find among many other secrets about the forest's topography.
Packs and Families
Throughout the forest's long journey since its creation, many wolves have passed through its trees and hidden underneath Relic Lore's vast canopies. Many families have continued to grow under the forest's watchful eye and even some of those wolves have continued on to form packs and make the forest a home for themselves, and in this section of the Library you'll discover more about them.
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