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Adelard Gerau - Adelard - Feb 23, 2024

.... ooc name: Greyer
.... current characters: Oleander, Anatole, + Towser
.... how you found us: Internet search
.... your character's initial fight stats: Assigned.
....a role play sample (200+ words):
from Anatole, "only I will remain"

Patience had always been one of Anatole's greatest virtues. In his younger days, it was seen as downright stubbornness. But, now, it meant he could keep focused on one solitary task, stand his ground in an argument, or wait a while for someone or something to come by... He heard Eros' approaching steps and had taken a seat, but had not expected to see the Leader this soon. Just his luck. His ears picked up.

"Hey," a casual greeting caught his attention.

"'Lo," he returned, his tail picking up in a brief wag, head ducking slightly so as not to sit too tall. "Um, I..." He wondered now if it was too forward of a request. "Brielle's gone." It was a terrible start and a bit too heart-on-the-sleeve. It took a second to compose himself again with a slight shake of his head. In his head, he scrambled to piece his sentences together, to carry the conversation. He didn't want Eros to think that he was leaving too...

There was an attempt to pull his lips into something like a smile. His ears fell lax and faced forward. There was no room for concern, especially with his adventure-bound sister. "But, I have decided to stay." His gaze fell to Eros' chest, "When we came here, I thought my father would find us. I... don't know what to think now." His gaze flickered up to the Leader's face then drew downward again, "But, I do know that I would like a..." Oh, what was a good word... "Affectation. An... assignment." A small pause to search his brain for something more to describe what he felt and what he wanted, "My Aunt Aubine, she help raise me. Almost like errand boy. She was an Advisor and Healer in her new pack. Had me fetch all kinds of things. I can do that for you if you'd like?"

and finally a bit about your character...
Adelard has returned. Grief has taken its toll and, now, all he wishes to do is to speak to his beloved Woya one last time...

Adelard Gerau - Chan - Feb 23, 2024


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