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Adrestia - Adrestia - Apr 01, 2024

.... ooc name: Silverfrost
.... current characters: Apollo
.... how you found us: Advertisement
.... your character's initial fight stats: Ghost
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Apollo Wrote:It was midday in Sanguine Cove as dirt flew out of a hole. The hole was of a good size, comfortable for a large wolf. A wolf stuck his head out of the hole. Normally, the wolf would be golden colored with dark points but instead he was covered in dirt. He shook his fur out and then headed out at a brisker pace than anyone had probably never seen him do before. It was worth mentioning he was without his normal adornments. He broke into a run and found himself at the lake. With some heavy slams with his body he was able to crack the ice. He hopped into  and swam around, occasionally submerging himself into the water. His fur was thick and water-resistant. Once he was clean he shook his fur out and then began doing what he could to lick his fur flat. He then headed back to the area he had dug out. it was a sunny day so after he had painstakingly re-decorated his tail with feathers and a couple of flowers, he lounged outside of his den in a patch of sunlight to dry off.

Apollo had been working since dawn digging out a den for himself. He hoped his mother would like it. His large frame was good for digging it seemed. After he had been satisfied with the den he had washed himself off and was now drying himself. He chose the location close to the lake because he had plans for a garden outside of his den. He would also go out and dig up some moss to see if he could plant it in his den to make the floor softer. He would also need to go out and collect plants. Most likely gently excavating plants to start replanting. Then he could water his plants by shaking his fur off from the lake.
and finally a bit about your character... Adrestia is a healer who has seen a lot go down and suffered during the devastating loss of her birth pack and years later she's still going strong. She believes she was sent by her goddesses and needed a change of scenery.

Adrestia - Aquene - Apr 04, 2024


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