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Bug Reports
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Bug Reports

Please report all bugs with the site in this thread, whether they are functional or appearance related. When reporting a bug, please provide as much detail as possible, including any error messages or screenshots.

Before reporting a bug, please take a look at the Known Bugs list to make sure if it hasn't already been reported.

Known Bugs

  • Not all threads show up on a character's timeline; appears to be threads that a character joins, but does not create
  • Some older threads are not appearing on the timeline
  • Check user cp profile saving to ensure that fields are not erased when an error occurs
  • Guests can submit LP requests
  • Member Roster does not show all members
  • Lone Wolf tracker is counting old join threads and preventing characters from being docked
  • Inactive accounts, including SoW, should not receive REs
  • Parse [dohtml] tag when doing quick edits
Eeks thread is showing twice in her threadlog (2 & 3) but when I click on the thread the specified thread does not exist

[Image: QPfSeYY.png][Image: HmSqInS.png]
[Image: eek_sig_by_becuffin-db8e3ou.png]
the [*wolf_avatar#] short codes don't seem to be working anymore
[Image: qv_our_roots_by_marinatedmermaid-db5orl8.gif]
availability on weekends is limited
(Aug 11, 2016, 03:59 PM)Serach Wrote:  
(Aug 11, 2016, 02:07 AM)Wraith Wrote:  Wraith's stats seem to be infected by Z's again.

@Wraith - Can you clarify what you mean by that?

Seems every time I go to look at Wraith's profile, his age, alignment, and den location reflects Zerxes rather than his own. I've edited it a few times manually but it keeps happening. Wraith is only 4, I believe, and of a good alignment rather than evil. And also denned at WM.
[Image: wm2_by_becuffin-dblzotz.png]
Every time I change Yvly's scout and hunter role skill levels to novice they revert back to untrained a day or so later, but when I change another wolves role skill levels they don't revert back (as shown on Amaryllis' profile). I also had Ace change Yvly's for me a couple days ago, but they still went back to untrained. I'm not sure what's causing this?
(Dec 08, 2016, 07:14 PM)Lunette Wrote:  When you go to claim +20 for thread with 20 wolves it only offers one field for entering threads.

This isn't a bug. Please put each thread link on a line in the "Notes" section. We don't save the URLs in the LP logs anymore, but we get a copy of the notes section for us to review it.

Note to Self: Update language to make this more clear.
[Image: AplcUOC.png]
Archive forums are selectable as den's in the profile
[Image: qv_our_roots_by_marinatedmermaid-db5orl8.gif]
availability on weekends is limited
when you claim the 10 territories LP, it tells you to enter in the territory name in the left fields and the URL on the right, but when you look in the MCP it shows the urls and not the names, so it looks like those fields should be swapped

edit: also, if you just swap the stuff in the fields you get an error stating that the right fields must be URLs
[Image: qv_our_roots_by_marinatedmermaid-db5orl8.gif]
availability on weekends is limited
I noticed that the map seems to have shifted all of the packs slightly further south? Maybe not a big deal but for one WRF looks like its in Nightingale Palisade now instead of Larkcall Lowlands where its supposed to be

[Image: g9aK3uL.jpg]

*GH is moved too but i couldnt fit it all in the screenshot and i'm lazy
[Image: V8yGQ6c.gif]
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