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Pack Guide — Official 
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Posted by Fenru who has 323 posts.

Ruins of Wildwood Pack Guide.

Welcome to the Ruins of Wildwood Pack Guide! Here you can find a quick rundown of information regarding currently active wolf packs. Most of the information here is not found on the pack pages and have been provided and updated by Pack Leaders in hopes of recruiting your character!

While each and every pack is unique, there are some courtesies for a Lone Wolf to keep in mind. These courtesies may be disregarded by an individual or vary based on the situation, but please be aware that there is a possibility for in-character consequences:

  • Anything you read in this guide is OOC (out of character) knowledge ONLY. Just because you have read something here DOES NOT mean your character also knows it. This guide is meant to help in planning plots, not to give your character a 'free pass' in learning things they should not know.
  • In general, packs do not like when wolves who are not apart of their pack cross their borders. A wolf wishing to join or visit a pack should wait well outside of the border and consider howling to announce themselves.
  • Usually the forum with the pack's name is considered to be inside the borders of that pack's territory. To avoid confusion, make a "Join" thread in the territory the pack is in (for example post in the Drooping Willows forum rather than the Willow Ridge forum), in doing this the thread can be assumed to be just outside pack territory.

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Posted by Fenru who has 323 posts.

The Wolves of Willow Ridge.

  • Current Leader: Sven & Ravenna
  • Established: June 19th, 2012
  • Location: Willow Ridge, Drooping Willows, Southern Eden, Relic Lore
  • Navigation: South-South-Western part of Relic Lore, in the mid-eastern part of the Drooping Willows.
  • Den Description: Situated in the eastern part of Drooping Willows, north of a shallow river and not far from the Riddle Heights, lies the Willow Ridge Pack territory. Just as it's name suggests, a small formation of rock gathers together to form both a high advantage for the wolves and as well a cave used for the pack's den. It is not by far an enormous cavern system of tunnels and stalactites, but a vast, open area fitting for a large pack of wolves with plenty of room to spare. A dug out underground den within the ridge's cave supplies for Elettra's Infirmary, where thick and abundant smells of herbs and flowers emit.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: Willow bark, willow leaves, fresh mud, dried herbs, dead grass.

  • Pack Colors: #762900 & #E8AB70
  • Character Alignment: Mostly Neutral, Some Good, Mostly Lawful.

  • Allies:
  • Neutral: All other packs.
  • Enemies:

  • Core Values: Will, Strength, Loyalty, Honor, Respect, and Unity.
  • Motto: "All which is just."

  • Age Range: Pup - 7 years old.
  • Size Range: Small - Large.
  • Roles Present: 

Notes & Trivia.

  • Any wolf of all size, color, age and alignment are free to join as long as they show dedication and promise for the pack. However, the current Leaders are Lawful Neutral characters and those more 'in their mind-set' may have a better 'fit' within the pack as Chaotic acts are not for a well structured pack.
  • Willow Ridge is by no means a secret pack, nor do they seek to keep themselves unknown from the world. They are a proud and domineering pack who sing of their strength for all Relic Lore to know with either fear, jealousy, or awe.
  • Their values and pack motto extend to "all which is just", meaning that there is no set subjects as loyalty, family or love to focus upon within the pack, but that the pack craves "All which is Just" from their members: Will, Strength, Loyalty, Honor and without a doubt, Respect and Unity.
  • Willow Ridge borders are easy to find as they are heavily-scented and touched upon by nearly all adult members.
  • Wolves with a high drive for work and success are best fitting in this pack, as laziness will make for an easy ticket out.

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Posted by Mapplethorpe who has 254 posts.

The Wolves of Oak Tree Bend.

  • Current Leader: Aponi Donata & Serach Donata
  • Established: April 16th, 2013
  • Location: Oak Tree Bend, Spectral Woods, Vale of Secrets, Relic Lore
  • Navigation: Eastern part of Relic Lore, north of Umbra Copse.
  • Den Description: Near the base of the Sierra Hills meanders a shallow, gentle stream next to the rising red rocks. The dark forests around loom on the horizon, but the trees are sparse here, allowing for more sunlight to reach the mossy ground. Only a stone's throw away from the creek the trees open up in a glade, with an old, majestic oak at its center. On the sloping edge of the clearing the Oak Tree Bend wolves have dug their main den beneath a cluster of angular rocks hidden away in the scanty thickets.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: Oak bark and leaves, river stones, woodsy, earthy.

  • Pack Colors: #427c12 & #3d221d
  • Character Alignment: Mostly Chaotic, Mostly Neutral, Some Good.

  • Allies: Fallen Tree Cove, Secret Woodlands, Hearthwood River, Aurora Heights
  • Neutral: Willow Ridge, Round Stone Crest, Grizzly Hollow
  • Enemies: ---

  • Core Values: Heritage, Reliability, and Duty.
  • Motto: "We thrive regardless."

  • Age Range: Pup - 7 years old.
  • Size Range: Small - Large.
  • Roles Present: --- 

Notes & Trivia.

  • The wolves of Oak Tree Bend have suffered several losses, betrayals, and instances of abandonment. Once a close knit family, the pack struggles beneath the weight of the past but is driven to work together when it counts. 
  • Independent wolves might find themselves at home beneath the laid back rule of Oak Tree Bend, as long as they are willing to put in the effort when there is work to be done.
  • Those who have been around long enough might still refer to them as the Swift River pack.

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Posted by Mapplethorpe who has 254 posts.

The Wolves of Hearthwood River.

  • Current Leader: Lachesis "XIX" Stark 
  • Established: May 3rd, 2015.
  • Location: Kingsfall, Snowmarch Expanse, Relic Lore.
  • Navigation: North-eastern Relic Lore, north of Turtleback Lake.
  • Den Description: Amidst the mighty trees of Kingsfall runs a river that cuts through the forest, fuelled by the waters of Turtleback Lake. Sheltered by towering Redwoods, the territory is a vibrant landscape of lush vegetation and plentiful prey. Upon the banks and within the woodland, the wolves of Hearthwood River thrive. Their den, dug into the roots of perhaps the tallest tree, is secluded from all prying eyes, the shrubs and undergrowth offering the perfect cover for any resting wolf.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: White Cedar, White Fir, Black Hawthorn, loamy, earthy, and moist soil.

  • Pack Colors: #f93700 & #3843aa.
  • Character Alignments: Mostly Neutral, Some Lawful.

  • Allies: Oak Tree Bend, Whitestone Monadnock, Wild Rye Fields
  • Neutral: Secret Woodlands, Willow Ridge, Fallen Tree Cove, White Fir Notch
  • Enemies: Grizzly Hollow.

  • Core Values: Loyalty, Strength, Passion, Family and Courage.
  • Motto: "Family lives on, it's all that lives on."

  • Age Range: Pup – 7 years old.
  • Size Range: Small – Large.
  • Roles Present: Scout, Healer, Yearling.

Notes & Trivia.

  • The borders are well guarded and heavily marked; it is not easy to miss them.
  • The pack scent is quite an earthy one.
  • Second chances are not given often; once a wolf has left the pack they are gone.
  • Family-orientated pack – loyalty is huge for the Hearthwood wolves.
  • The pack was founded by Maksim Baranski and Kisla Baranski, but Lachesis "XIX" Stark took over leadership after Maksim's unexpected death. 

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Posted by Rook who has 444 posts.

The Wolves of Fallen Tree Cove.

  • Current Leaders: Kajika Tallis & Moonshadow Eastfall
  • Established: November 21st, 2014
  • Location: Fallen Tree Cove, Lost Lake, Serpent’s Pass, Relic Lore.
  • Den Description: Located on the northeastern side of the Lost Lake a peaceful cove extends out from the parenting lake which harbors the Fallen Tree Cove territory. Following the small inlet one finds themselves shaded by the canopy of pine trees on one side and the waters of the lake on the other. Continuing a few yards inland from this inlet is where the pack calls home to a rocky den created by avalanches that ripped down the mountainside during the brutal winter of 2013, nearly unnoticeable by the untrained eye. The den is protected on three sides by large boulders with fallen trees littering the sides of the boulders acting as a blind over the entrance, concealing the den from those who don’t know its exact location, making the cave fitting for the Lost Lake that seems to appear and disappear on its own. Venturing further north the terrain begins to change as soft soil and pine trees thin to give way to scarce vegetation and gravel as one grows closer to the base of the Mountain of Dire.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: damp earth, Nightshade, White Fir, pine needles, rotten wood, earthy

  • Pack Colors: #f757a7 & #fd641e
  • Character Alignments: Mostly Chaotic Good, Mostly Chaotic Neutral, Some Neutral.

  • Allies: Oak Tree Bend, Grizzly Hollow
  • Neutral: ---
  • Enemies: Whisper Caverns

  • Core Values: Strength, Respect, Courage, Passion, and Duty.
  • Motto: "Sometimes you have to go back to actually move forward."

  • Age Range: Pup - 5 years old.
  • Size Range: Medium - Large.
  • Roles Present: Subordinate. Guardian. 

Notes & Trivia.

  • The borders are heavily marked and wouldn’t go unnoticed by a passing loner.
  • Fallen Tree Cove is the second pack to lay claim to the Lost Lake. The first to claim to the Lost Lake was Poison Path, founded by Naira and Rhysis, where Athena also led for a time before it’s disbandment in 2013.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 3,818 posts.

The Wolves of White Fir Notch.

  • Current Leaders: Emrys Myrddin and Jynx Myrddin
  • Established: March 4th, 2016
  • Location: White Fir Notch, Secluded Springs, Northern Eden, Relic Lore
  • Den Description: Nestled between the rocky slopes of Serpents Pass and Windsong Fjord, White Fir Notch derives its name from the dense foliage found on the north west edge of Secluded Springs. White Fir trees grow in great numbers around the pack's home; a vacant bear den tucked into the base of the hillside near their northern border. The Springs as well as the river that feeds it serve as the wolves' main water source. The plant life here is a mix resulting from the collision of the Ghastly woods and the Fjords as well as the changes in elevation; consisting of tightly packed conifer and deciduous trees. To the south the thick forest continues for miles, but in the west the trees thin into smaller clusters beside the rolling bluffs of the Palisade.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: Fir trees, spruce, clean water, sun-baked stone, fresh.
  • Pack Colors: #17A4EC & #13C572.
  • Official Pack Alignment: Lawful Good.
  • Prevalent Character Alignment: equally lawful and neutral, mostly good.

  • Allies: None
  • Friendly: Secret Woodlands.
  • Neutral: Grizzly Hollow, Willow Ridge, Whitestone Monadnock, Wild Rye Fields.
  • Unfriendly: Hearthwood River. 
  • Enemies: None.
  • Unknown: Oak Tree Bend, Fallen Tree Cove.

  • Core Values:  Loyalty, Respect, Family.
  • Motto: "Together we have it all"

  • Age Range: Pup - 4 years old.
  • Size Range: Small - Large.
  • Roles Present:  None.
  • Roles Sought: Hunter, Guardian, Teacher, Scout.

Notes & Trivia.

  • Previously known as Round Stone Crest and before that Black Thorn Downs.
  • The wolves of White Fir Notch are not the first to settle in the Secluded Springs area. The old territory of Copper Rock Creek, inhabited from January to October 2012, lies to the southwest.
  • The pack operates more democratically than others; strongly valuing and accounting for the input and opinions of their members on all important decisions.
  • In order to claim their new home, the founders of White Fir Notch first had to fight and chase off a grizzly bear fresh out of hibernation, the den of which now serves as their own.
  • Their territory is highly varied in elevation, vegetation and animal life.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 3,818 posts.

The Wolves of Wild Rye Fields

  • Current Leaders: Drestig Avalon & Jessie Tainn
  • Established: September 15th, 2016
  • Location: Wild Rye Fields, Larkcall Lowlands, Snowmarch Expanse, Relic Lore
  • Navigation: Northern part of Relic Lore, just north of Nightingale Palisade, in the southernmost part of Larkcall Lowlands.
  • Den Description: Right at the edge of the Lowlands, where open fields meet the forested out-runners of Serpents Pass, flowers and more common grasses give way to a much brighter sort. Waving ears of wild rye stand high, blanketing the rolling hills in a golden sea, from mid spring until the first winter storms knock down the stalks. The fields run all the way to the tree line, only yielding for lighter underbrush where the low pines put the ground in shade. Out in the open, the grain is almost uncorrupted, only a rare few weeds managing to hold their ground among the yellow stalks, mostly along the banks of the wide creek cutting straight through the hills before pooling near the forest's edge, forming a small basin. Close by, among the shelter of the trees, a small den is dug out between the roots of a lone oak in the midst of a wood of pines.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: Grass, grain, pine needles, fresh water and warm stones.

  • Pack Colors: #D7B13E & #334010
  • Character Alignment: Mostly Neutral, Some Lawful, Some Chaotic.

  • Allies: Oak Tree Bend, Hearthwood River
  • Neutral: White Fir Notch, Whitestone Monadnock, Secret Woodlands
  • Unfriendly: None
  • Enemies: None

  • Core Values: Hope, Family, Honesty and Loyalty.
  • Motto: "Together we are strong."

  • Age Range: Pup - 7 years old.
  • Size Range: Small - Large.
  • Roles Present: None

Notes & Trivia.

  • Even though the pack wasn't officially founded until September, Drestig and Jessie lived in the unclaimed territory from late April, and their daughter Phoenix was born there.
  • Though there is no blood relation to the Tainn's, both Jessie and Drestig still feel tightly connected to the family and retains good relations with their pack(s)

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 3,818 posts.

The Wolves of Charred Ash Draw.

  • Current Leader: Kerberos Rigel & Treyah Tainn
  • Established: 18th January 2017
  • Location: Charred Ash Draw, The Wildwood, The Heart, Relic Lore
  • Navigation:Northern reaches of the burned section of the Wildwood.
  • Den Description: Marked by blackened stumps and trunks of ash and spruce, the ground begins to slope upwards in three different directions until you find yourself nestled between two small ridges in the northern reaches of the wildwood. The fire-thinned canopy has allowed for a number of new plants to spring up in the understory, most notably a number of pacific dogwoods that burst into bloom during the warmer months of the year, and a few scattered stands of lodgepole pines.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: Dogwood, ash, spruce & pine.

  • Pack Colors: #10468f & #8f1046
  • Character Alignment: Mostly Neutral, Some Good, Some Chaotic.

  • Allies: TBA
  • Neutral: TBA
  • Enemies: TBA

  • Core Values: Cooperation and Family.
  • Motto: “Live and let live“

  • Age Range: Pup - 7 years old.
  • Size Range: Pup - Large.
  • Roles Present: TBA

Notes & Trivia.

  • Any wolf of all size, colour, age and alignment are welcome to attempt joining as long as they are willing to maintain the security and caches of the pack

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 3,818 posts.

The Wolves of Quaking Vale.

  • Current Leader: Niles Archer Lyall & Castel Lyall-Noor
  • Established: March 31st, 2017
  • Location: Quaking Vale, Umbra Copse, Vale of Secrets, Relic Lore
  • Navigation: Nestled in the north of the fork in Clandestine Brook.
  • Den Description: Though the darkness of Umbra Copse is seemingly archaic, tucked away in its southern reaches it is possible to discover an astonishing change in the density and gloom of the woods. Several hundred years ago a single Populus tremuloides seed took root and the crisp white-barked, shivering tree began to flourish and multiply its root structure into the impressive colony of quaking aspen that it is today. Each tree in the forest is a clone, connected to all the other trees as one single organism—though one wouldn't notice this from the surface. In late autumn this forest turns a brilliant yellow before the wind picks all the leaves clean, leaving a sparkling boneyard of white trees in the snow. The trees grow relatively farther apart from each other than average for Umbra Copse, leaving the place bright and airy such that it is a haven for small critters and herds of deer. Quaking Vale is a welcome respite from the more usual darkness of the Vale—one of its best kept secrets, perhaps.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: Aspen, Woodchips, Moss.

  • Pack Colors: #ea8c00 (Sunburst Marigolid) & #733140 (Memento Scarlet)
  • Character Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral.

  • Allies:
  • Neutral:
  • Enemies:

  • Core Values: Health, Cooperation, Hope.
  • Motto: "Our Roots Connect Us."

  • Age Range: Pup - 6 years old.
  • Size Range: Small - Large.
  • Roles Present: TBA.

Notes & Trivia.

  • To date, Sahalie and Kino are the youngest leaders ever in Relic Lore, and it's pretty obvious from the way they lead.
  • Quaking Vale is a little different from a traditional pack in the sense that it far less demanding of its members and the prime focus of one of its founders (Sahalie) is to provide a place for others to heal.
  • The leaders might be young and give an air of naivety, but they definitely do have limits if you choose to press your luck.

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 3,818 posts.

The Wolves of Aurora Heights.

  • Current Leader: Kyna Argyris Archer & Greer Archer-Lyall
  • Established: April 11th, 2017
  • Location: Aurora Heights, Riddle Heights, Serpent's Pass, Relic Lore
  • Navigation: Located on the north side of Riddle Heights, nestled between a stream and a lone stand of firs.
  • Den Description: Aurora Heights is due north of Silent Moon Plateau, where an amphoral stream runs near one of the local peaks. At night, the thin air allows a gorgeous view of the sky, as if it is the very window to all the worlds beyond this one. The ground here is rocky and sparse, but pines and firs still grow, making a breathtaking backdrop to the nightly show of lights during the winter months. There is a certain degree of magic here, if you can tolerate the exposure.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: White fir, ozone, and silver lupine grasses

  • Pack Colors: #4B0082 (Hushed Iris) & #afe718 (Borealis Green)
  • Character Alignment: Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, and Lawful Good

  • Allies:
  • Neutral:
  • Enemies:

  • Core Values: Loyalty, Strength, Aptitude.
  • Motto: "Rise and Rise Again"

  • Age Range: 1 - 5 years
  • Size Range: Small - Large.
  • Roles Present: TBA.

Notes & Trivia.

  • TBA

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