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Tikhon Artemieva
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.... ooc name: Kai
.... current characters: Kajika, Inna, Emrys, Leotie, Cheedo, Nauja, Elyan
.... how you found us:  I have set up shop here.
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength):
Speed =130    Stamina =100       Strength = 95
....a role play sample (200+ words):
The last thing Cheedo has wanted for Piety was for her children to suffer the same fate as her but one of them had. The small Agouti watched as Wraith carried it's tiny body away from the den to a place chosen by it father to be it's final resting place. The words she uttered for the tiny child were meant as a send off to a place she hoped the puppy would get to live out its life where it could not within the world if the living. She hoped for it to find her children and they would take care of it just as she would have if it had been able to stay with it's mother and father.

Once Wraith had disappeared with the pup her gaze returned to the mouth of the den where small whimpers could be heard. She could be happy that Piety still had one living child, that all had not been lost in the early hours of the morning.  She worried for the new mother and how she was taking the loss of her child but glad the pale woman had her mate. She knew Wraith would help her through the loss and together they would raise a strong healthy pup. The small agouti may not have had the gift of her own children but she was there to help raise the remaining pup when needed. Like she had with Odysseia she could watch the puppy grow into a strong member of the pack. The feelings she had toward the girl would not be shared by Piety's pup.

Rowan came into view as he approached a hard hanging lifeless from his jaws his tail waving low behind him.  She gave him a small smile just before he left the gate at the mouth of the den for Wraith or Piety to find later. Then he was gone just as quickly as he'd come, she thought to speak to him later. Almost as soon as the new member was gone Roosemooth appeared which irked the woman, even more so at the words that slipped from his mouth. A short curt nod was given in response to his question which was all she got out before he disappeared after Rowen.

Once Wraith had settled back inside the den Cheedo lowered herself to the ground curling her tail around her.  She would stay in case the new parents needed something, she didn't want them to have to leave their child before they were ready. The first hours with their newborn precious and should be enjoyed, she hoped that they could take part in the joy despite the sadness that had also befallen them that day.

and finally a bit about your character.... Tikhon is Lorcan and Laike’s younger brother who has found his way to the lore.