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.... ooc name: Kai
.... current characters: Kajika, Inna, Emrys, Leotie, Cheedo, Nauja, Tikhon, Pyriel, Elyan, Oksana, Arwyn, Sonora
.... how you found us: I live here
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength):

Strength - 100, Speed - 70, Stamina - 55
....a role play sample (200+ words):

It was baby steps that Inna felt she needed to take as much as she still had no desire to leave her den or go hunting or do patrols.  She knew for her daughter's sake she had to do something, she didn't want Oksana to end up as she had the previous year. A short walk here, a trip to the river there and now she was laying outside her den in a beam of sunlight. She could feel the warmth soaking into her dark pelt and in some ways it was comforting.  That thought though that haunted her was always in the back of her mind. The world kept going without her mother and without her.

The Baranski knew she had chosen for life to go in without her, she didn't blame them. Her mind constantly whirled trying to sort through everything she was feeling but at least she hadn't ended up at the Rivers edge again. She was angry with herself for wanting to give up in all if it and make things stop. She felt badly for Oksana that she hadn't been a better mother in the past weeks, the Raven had no idea what her daughter had been doing in all that time.

A sigh left her as she lay outstretched with her eyes closed, she could make a promise to be a better mother but as with her mother she could not see the future.  It was a promise she was afraid she would break to her daughter.

The forest had been quiet save for the bird song until a call rang through it. At first the Raven couldn't believe she was hearing it causing her to bolt upright, could her sister really have returned? Inna didn't waste anytime. It was the most energy she'd felt in weeks as she raced to the border. When she arrived and saw Lekalta there she paused almost afraid to believe her sister had survived the cougar. What if it wasn't her but just her imagination. Then her orange gaze landed on the form of Lachesis and she remained at the tree line.

and finally a bit about your character.... A darkness lives inside if him.
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Hey Kai! The LP you requested currently only adds up to 220. Could you add 5 more in somewhere?
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availability on weekends is limited
Yep no problem, took care of it.
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